Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 27, 2010
Written by Shozana Gil

Nik Schexnayder

Directed by Marcus Martinez
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"Sonnah" is the first episode of the first season of Adventure Time Songs in: Sonnah.


Lyle and Olivia make there travels to Sonnah. There they encounter Dr. U, who has destroyed many cities to find Echo Princess. Lyle and Olivia have to stop him and help out the Land of Sonnah...


At the point of dusk, Lyle was flying oversea enroute to the Sonnahn Coastal Islands. As he flew over the islands, he noticed that the towns and cities burned down or desicrated. Lyle became suspicious and followed the trail of ruble, debris, and ashes to an abandonded city named Rodose. His search has lead him to the Main Plaza, where a someone was being surrounded by a group of robots. Lyle decides to drop in and "have some fun."

When Lyle landed in between the person and the robots, he noticed that the person was a vampire girl, and the pack of robots was lead by a man. The leader of the robots had ordered them to kill Lyle and take the girl into custody. Lyle was quick to respond and punched through all of the robots who jumped at him. However the robots from behind captured the girl, Lyle wanted to help, but a new wave of robots had appeared. This made things difficult for him, luckily Olivia shows up and frees the girl from the robots. Lyle was also able to defeat the second wave, this made the man furious. However he fleeds from the scene in a hovering vehicle.

Once things began to settle down, Lyle and Olivia were thanked by the girl who happens to be the Echo Princess. Lyle and Olivia were both suprised, yet were understanding of the situation. They later transported the princess to the Dark Kingdom, where they were rewarded for their actions. However they wanted to know who was after her and why they left such a mess of the land. Echo Princess informed them that the man trying to capture her was Dr. U, an evil scientist who has plans for total domination. Dr. U chased her down to an abandoned city to get an ancient artifact that may proove useful for his master plans. Lyle and Olivia decides to stay in Sonnah in order to bring Dr. U down and ensure peace to the land. To help with that Echo Princess lets Lyle and Olivia live in a tree house near the Dark Kingdom. Thus beginnig Lyle and Olivia's services as fully comissioned adventurers.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • RA-35c (Scouter II) Robots
  • MB-242 (SAM Shooter) Mechs


  • It is showed that Lyle's kite depends on the wind to fly, but at times can take him in the wrong direction.
  • Olivia's sudden appearance during the battle is a testment to her supernatural powers.
  • The Dark Kindom's appearance in this episode is much different than its later appearances in the series.