Name Sloth
Gender Male
Species Sin
Occupation Deadly Sin
Relatives Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Wrath, Lust & Envy (brothers & sisters)
Introduced In Death Trial

"Sloth" first appeared in Death Trial as one of the major antoganists. He is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and thus must be fought by Finn and Jake to go back to the World of Living. He was the second sin to be fought.


He bears much resemblance to BMO, only he is more advanced and modern. He has a green TV-screen head and has his eyes almost closed. There is an antenna on his head with a red light bulb, on the side of his head are also red light bulbs that are somewhat bigger. He has a green hexagon body saying BMO-2. He has gray arms with one one of them a light-green claw and on the other one a light-green laser. He has one gray leg with a wheel.


Being a a supernatural being Sloth has special abilities.

  • He can transport himself very fast with his wheel.
  • He an expandable grapple-hook arm and an arm with a laser on it.
  • He sends shocks through cables and machines to electrify his opponent, because his whole chamber is a computer room, he uses this move often.


  • BMO was chosen to represent Sloth because he makes Finn and Jake lazy, by playing games on him all day (similiar to what happened in Business Time).

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