Slime Queen
Slime Queen
Slime Queen
Name Slime Queen
Gender Female
Species Slime Person
Occupation Queen
Relatives Slime Princess (daughter)

Blargetha (daughter) Elder Plops (husband)

Introduced In Adventure Time: Ice Cold Plan
Voiced by Maria Bramford

Slime Queen makes her appearance in Slimy Talk where she is kidnapped by a stalker of her. She later appears in the Adventure Time movie; Adventure Time: Ice Cold Plan. She is the queen of the Slime Kingdom and also the mother of Slime Princess. So far she is one of the few known queens (along with Lumpy Space Queen, Mini Queen, Gary, and Marceline).


Slime Queen looks similar to her daughter, Slime Princess. Slime Queen looks just as she sounds, like a glob of slime. The majority of her body is dull lime-green color, but she also has a yellow center. She has two arms, that when not being used may disappear back into her body. She wears a tiara and earrings similar to those of Princess Bubblegum, only the gem in the center is green. In addition to that she also has red lipstick and sexy eyes. Also her breasts can be seen, even her nipples.


  • Her tiara and earrings have the ability to block the telepathic power of The Lich, as conformed when she tells that in Adventure Time: Ice Cold Plan.
  • She, like Slime Princess, has a "hot lady voice." This is because they share the same voice actress.
  • There first was some controversy about showing her nipples, but they said it didn't matter.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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