Name Shake
Age 25
Species Barrel Monkey
Occupation Traveler
Introduced In The Lost Sword
Voiced by Frank Welker

Shake (full title: Shake the Barrel Monkey) appeared in the episode The Lost Sword where the story is focussed on him and Flint. He and Flint find a golden sword in the Cotton Candy Forest. Shake and his partner go on an advenure to find the sowrd's owner.


Shake is a red Barrel Monkey. He is completely crimson red with large, characteristic eyes. He has long sharp arms that he mostly uses to swing around.


Shake has a special ability that allows him to stretch his arms (but only his arms) and swings around with them. Because his hands are very spiky he can sting into his opponents. He can jump very high and far, and for some reason he always carries a blue barrel with banana's in it with him in his body.



Flint is the best friend of Shake, he has been his pet-monkey since he was very young but they eventually became more of brothers instead of pet and owner. He and Flint always travel around in the world, explore things, help people and a lot of other things. Flint said that they made a lot of friends on their travels, this was the first time they came to the Land of Ooo.

Princess MintEdit

Princess Mint is the older sister of Flint. He and Flint often tease Princess Mint because she is so well-mannered and polite. They love to embarrass her, mostly Shake because Flint sometimes finds it sad to always tease her.

Finn & JakeEdit

Shake shows much respect for Finn and his brother Jake because they are the hero of the Land of Ooo. He trusts them and knows they will be there whenever he gets into trouble. Finn is indebted to Flint because he returned his Golden Sword that Finn lost after he used it to destroy the black hole.

Other inhibitans of the Land of OooEdit

Shake seems to have interacted well with other inhibitans of the Land of Ooo. He did became enemies with Ice King (and Gunter) because they tried to freeze him and Shake. Marceline and FP both find Shake cute and funny and want to cuddle him. PB and Lady Rainicorn first see them as intruders but afterwards realize they are real nice. LSP only doesn't seem to be interested in Flint or Shake.


  • Shake is based on the game; a Barrel of Monkey's, his blue barrel with banana's is also a refrence to this game.

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