Alright, here it is, the final part of the Shadow of the Storm episode series made by Rundazekrom. If your asking, odds are I WON'T put up art of Dark Finn. Anyways, here it is-The FINAL PART OF THIS EPIC SERIES! Enjoy!

The final showdownEdit

Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess and Lady Rainacorn are all in a shadowy, black aura. They all have a similar apperance of Dark Finn. PB's dress has silver spikes sticking out of her dress. It is grey with a black trim, as dark as DF's hair. FP has purple hellfire erupting from every inch of her body. Her dress is similar to that of PB's corrupt dress. Only she has a blood red trim, rather than black. She also does not have spikes coming out of her. Rainacorn is a not-so-colorful being. Her colors are replaced with very dark colors such as grey, black, purple, red, and a very dark green. They all have one thing in commen-They're eyes are a very light, glowing blue, which stands out compared to they're shadowy cloths.

All three of them hunters stop. How could they fight these 3? Dark Finn smiled, followed by saying "You are weak if you cannot bring yourself to slay these pathetic PUPPETS, and leave this land in ruins. How VERY pathetic of you, Finn. Your just a silly boy. Your no hero. You are weak and foolish." Finn relises he is right. If he dosen't slay the 3 princess, then Dark Finn will destroy Ooo, and it will be Finn's fault. Finn, compltley destorying his emotions, charges at the 3 corrupt princess. He swings his massive sword at PB. PB counters with an attack that is the same of that of Dark Finn. Finn deflects this and commands Ice King to attack. Doing the same thing that Finn did to attack, freezes PB. Finn is about to finish of the corrupt princess, but he simply can't bring himself to do it. She breaks free, but Ice King fends her off, and tells Finn and Jake to proceed to Dark Finn. LR stands in the way. Finn attempts attack. But much like a snake, LR coils herself around Finn in attempts to choke him to death. Jake grabs the massive beast by the horn and yanks her back. Jake commands Finn to keep going forward. Flame Princess is the final trial before the final showdown. Finn hesitates for a second, but FP begins to attack but Finn deflects and charges. FP, holding his blade, attempts to engulf the sword in corrupt fire. Finn draws back and body -slams himself into his own, corrupt, blazing, magical girlfriend and delivers the finishing severing her in the stomach. Flame Princess slowly begining to die says "Finn...I thought you loved me...why?" Finn, a tear from his eye charges towards DF. Dark Finn does not wait to say a battlecry. He charges at Finn with full force ("I deafeted you once and I'll do it again, you mortal, foolish BOY!") Finn pushes DF off, onto PB's thrown. Finn attempts to make a quicky finishing blow by stabbing DF in the heart. However, his attack back-fires, and DF relaeses a dark, toxic gas, followed by an unholy shield. Finn, momentarly stunned by the gas,  is attacked by DF. DF uses his terrifying sword to hack Finn in the back. Finn feels it is the end, but he finds that he is lying next to his deaced girlfriend. Her warm flame gives Finn energy as DF attempts to finish Finn. He presses his sword against DF's blade. He pushes him away, and while DF is distracted Finn stabs him in heart, killing him. Dark Finn's final words words are "You may have ended me. But you have not destroyed the talisman. It will give my Master what he wants. A Golden world. A world without spirit. Our YOUR kind. are no hero. You are pure evil. You have doomed this world..." and dies. 

Later in the episode, Finn and Jake and Ice King are told that the 3 are okay, even Flame Princess. Finn darts into the medic and hugs his girlfriend without warning. With his cloths ingulfed, he is pulled away by IK and Jake. However, Jake does the same thing, though. Ice king thinks about doing it, but decides it for the good of PB's health that he does not. The episode ends with the talisman falling into Cinniman Bun's hands.

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