The second part of the Shadow of the Storm episode series is here, so check it out. By the way, if you haven't seen the first part of this episode here is a link. But anyway, here ya go! :

What happened next...Edit

Finn and Jake wake up inside of PB's hospital. Flame Princess and Lady Rainacorn are standing around the to, with worried yet a crying expressions. When PB explains what happened, Finn and Jake quickly get to they're feet to hunt down Dark Finn. Dark Finn appears to have magic abilitys now, as he is seen magicly floating in the air, shooting black and red beams from his hands and eyes. Finn mounts himself on Jake and he strechtes to reach DF. However, DF uses his-Now magical- sword to knock them both back. Finn and Jake relise that they need to use magic to fight back. Unfortunately for them, they only know 2 magic users. And Finn refuses to put Flame Princess in the threat of Dark Finn. So, they go to the last Magic-user they know.

Finn knocks on the frozen door, and a dirty, cold, and hairy Ice King answers. Finn asks why his cloths are so dirty, but Ice King tells him that its "Magical Secrets". Finn then spots a pile of dirt next to Gunther. Getting back on topic, Finn and Jake explain the threat of Dark Finn. Ice King questions why he should help Finn and Jake after all the horrible things they to him. They're first option is that DF would likely destroy the Ice Kingdom, and kill the King in the process. And being the dead oppisite of Finn's kind and heroic heart, DF would likely not let Ice King let go so easily. Ice King is not convised. They're second option is that they will give him some gold and treasure. Jake resists for a minute but then gives in. But Ice king does not. They're third option is that he will find the Ice King a princess. Ice King STILL does not help them for, he beilives he is lying. They're final option is to tell the Ice King they are his friends, and that friends help friends. Ice King, about to say "no", notices a bag of cookies inside of Finn's pocket. Ice King says that if Finn will give him the cookies, he will assist Finn and Jake. Finn thinks about for a second, but then gets a thought of DF killing Flame Princess, and quickly gives him the bag. Ice King then takes the bag, places it inside of his robe, grabs Finn and Jake, and flys towards the Candy Kingdom, where he can see Dark Finn. However, when they go inside of the castle, somthing is terribly wrong. And Finn questions if he is willing to bring himself to face it.

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