The Shadow of the Storm is a fan-fiction episode of Adeventure Time written by Rundazekrom.


Princess Bubblegum has sent Finn and Jake to destroy an ancient talisman that is said to be corrupted and forges dark matter from living and non-living objects and creatures alike. Finn and Jake set off to destroy it. After deafting multiple enemies, F and J, at last, come to an altar with an odd book and a, guess what, a small talisman. It is silver with a black outline, a large skull made of platinum and a diamond stuffed in its mouth is in the middle. Finn, driven by greed, automaticly grabs it. Jake then grabs Finn, reminding him that it is evil and that they are on a mission. But its to late, and Finn is lifted into the air by a black magical force. It apears to give him a jolt of pain, as he screams upon being lifted up. The dark aura then goes back into the talisman and begins to glow. After an explosion of a flash, a compltely different form of Finn is standing. He has light skin like Finn. However, his hair is eveny black, is short compared to Finn's hair. His shirt is black and his shorts are as red as regular Finn's sword. Dark Finn's sword is much more evil than regular Finn's. It is similar to that of a Zamorak Godsword from the MMORPG RuneScape. However, the hilt is different, as it has the skull from the talisman. Dark Finn than introduces himself and Jake attacks. Dark Finn easily deaftes him. Finn attempts to avenge Jake by facing Dark Finn. Finn and Dark Finn have the same battle stratiges. Dark Finn then uses a Shadow Spell to finish Finn. With both of them nocked out, Dark Finn teleports away, and the episode ends.

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