This is season 6 of adventure time it premiered on Janurary 2014.

THIS IS FANON NOT REAL Also visit the Season 5 page


1.Guardians of sunshine II

After playing the sequel to GOS Finn and Jake want to go inside BMO and have another awesome adventure but BMO refuses to let them inside so F & J decide to cater to his every whim.

2.The Glorriors

Finn and Jake try to save a Man-Horse stagecoach that's being attacked by Greywhack and his gemstone demons. The Glorriors (Barometus, Paciol and Odiole) arrive to fight off Greywhack. Finn joins the Glorriors to satisfy his "lust for exotic battle," temporarily leaving Jake behind. However, Finn soon realizes that helping his friend is more important than glory. (taken from AT Wiki)

3.Iced Out

The Ice King brainwashes Princess Bubblegum to make her fall in love with him. Finn and Jake try to save her, but have trouble trying to unbrainwash her.

4. Sorta Baby-Sitter

Jake and Lady Rainicorn are going to need someone to babysit their children, so they put them in the hands of Choose Goose. He accepts only because they're cute, but he has some trouble keeping up with all of them.

5. Fireheart

Jake and Flambo try to make Finn and Flame Princess grow closer together in their relationship.

6. Jealousy, Jealous Do

Finn and Flame Princess go on a date and a jealous Princess Bubblegum tries many attempts to break them up and/or kill Flame Princess but they all fail and have a very painful backfire on her.

7. A Big Problem

Me-Mow returns and uses growth potion to make him bigger. He tries to assasinate Bounce House Princess so Finn and Jake must hide her in their home to protect her.

8. BMO Backstory

CMO and AMO tell the backstory of BMO.

9.Finnicai And Jigby

In a crossover between Adventure Time and Regular Show, Finn and Jake are playing with BMO and Mordecai and Rigby are playing video games, then suddenly, a glitch happens that make them switch places and get transported into each other dimensions and they must find a way to return home.

10. Yet Another Five More Short Graybles

Cuber returns yet again to tell another Five Short Graybles. These stories involve Finn and Jake playing dress up, The Ice King going in disguise to sneak into the Candy Kingdom, Flame Princess asking Lumpy Space Princess about what to wear on her date with Finn, Marceline going in disguise as a non-vampire to buy something from Choose Goose, and BMO teaching Football about disguises.

11. The Face of Evil

Finn and Jake find Lemongrab's face in a trunk in their home and it's their job to return it to his body which was taken to the Noghtosphere.

12. Adventure Time Wacky Races

Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn, Ice King, Flame Princess, BMO, Marceline, The Lemongrabs, Choose Goose, Jake Jr., and Peppermint Butler all face off in a parody of the Wacky Races.

13. Karate Masters

Finn and Jake to to visit Kim Kil Whan in his dojo so they can learn some karate and then face off against Ice King and the Lemongrabs.

14. Hot Boy

Flame Princess Breaks up with Finn after falling for a male fire elemental.

15. CMO Abuse

CMO is sick of being abused so he insults Finn, Jake, and BMO and leaves.

16. The Future of Gaming

Finn, Jake, and BMO go to AMO.

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