Season 2, Episode 26
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Blue Flames"
"Enchanted War"
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"Runaways" is the twenty-sixth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Icey runs away from home and encounters the Coal Knight who takes her in.


Ice Princess is fighting with her father again which annoys Gunter very much. Gunter sits down and sees a bottle but because of the fighting isn't even in the mood to break it. Ice King shouts that she should leave if she has it so terribly bad here. Icey says she will, since she will be better off on her own. Icey then walks towards the exit. Gunter waggles up to her and makes a noise. Icey says she will return when her father is reasonable again. And with that she flies away. However Icey gets trapped in a blizzard storm which causes her to get hurt and fall down in the woods.

There she is unconsious. A shadowy figure picks her up after her landing. Icey wakes up on a tree trunk covered with a patch of moss she looks around but sees no one. She tries to stand up but her lef is hurt, a voice says she has to take a rest. She looks around and sees a black knight. Icey asks who he is and why he helped her. The knights says that she can call him Coal Knight, or Coal for short. He tells he saw her unconsious in the forest and decided to help her. Icey not suspicious anymore thanks him. Coal Knight sits down next to her and asks why she went out here alone. Icey answers she had a fight with her father and needed some time alone. Coal Knight understood and asked if it was something important they fought about. Icey says it actually wasn't but her father always acts to weird towards her, totally different then he does against her friends who are his enemies. Coal Knight says that he maybe is just protective over her.

Icey agrees and then asks why he is here. Coal Knight explains he was a former soldier of the Fire Kingdom but left after the murder on King Kalama and Azarin, the current Flame King's ex-wife. Icey asks if he is evil. Coal Knight replies he is, but he hopes that one day his daughter will take over the kingdom and make it a place of harmony again. But that depends on her boyfriend and if she will get closure with the past. Icey knew he was talking about Finn and Flame Princess but didn't say anything. Coal Knight took another look at her leg and says she will be able to walk now. Icey walks a bit and says she is fine, she thanks him and says she will make things good with her father. She flies back to the Ice Kingdom when she suddenly sees a girl on the ground crying. She lands next to her and asks what is wrong. The girl replies that her father hates her because he constantly yells at her. Icey recognizes the situation and thinks back of Coal Knight. Icey asks if it was anything important he yelled about. The girl says it was because of her behavior. Icey says that maybe her father isn't the only one who needed to change. The girl realized that is also was partly her fault.

The girl stands up and thanks Icey. Icey nodds and flies away now going to her home. There she sees her father fighting Finn and Jake. When Icey enters Finn and Jake say it's better if they leave. Jake quickly gives one punch against Ice King's cheek and they leave. Ice King asks if there is anything she wanted to say. Icey says she is sorry and musn't be so rebel all the time. Ice King smiles and offers her a milkshake. Icey smiles and takes the milkshake. The two then drink it together, Gunter watches then and seems happy as he broke the bottle he wanted to break earlier.


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  • Snail is seen behind the tree trunk Icey was lying on.

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