Rose Abadeer
Name Rose Abadeer
Gender Female
Age 2100
Species Human
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Hunson Abadeer (husband)

Marceline, Marsha (daughters)

Introduced In To Live Is To Die
Latest Appearance Goodbye Marceline

Rose Abadeer (also known as Marceline's Mother) is the biological mother of Marsha and Marceline.


A long time before the Great Mushroom War Rose married Hunson Abadeer. Rose is the daughter of the Vampire King who was the ruler of the Nightosphere, so after his passing she and Hunson became the rulers. They lived for some time there but decided to live on Earth while watching their kingdom from there. After some years Rose gave birth to Marceline shortly followed by Marsha. Then the Great Mushroom War began, Rose trusted Hunson to take Marsha to the Nightosphere while she and Marceline stay on Earth. While wandering around the Earth in search for bug milk they encountered the Dark Overlord who wanted to kill the Vampire Queen (Rose) to become ruler of the Nightosphere. Rose said Marceline to go away while she fight him off, Marceline does but never saw her again. Rose was killed by the Dark Overlord, who later got killed when Hunson found out he was the killer of his wife.


Rose is a 21-year-old human. She has very thin, noodly limbs. While usually appearing as black dots, her eyes are seen as brown when enlarged. Rose has long black curly hair. she actually looks similar to Marceline (except for the hair. The hair trait was passed onto Marsha. But Marsha uses a hair product to make her hair look like Marceline's



Rose is Hunson Abadeer's wife. They married sometime before the Great Mushroom War. Nine months after, they had a baby but after 100 years got another one. Rose sacrificed her life to save Hunson and Marsha expressing her love. Hunson later killed the Dark Overlord who killed Rose to avenge her.


Rose is Marceline's biological mother, and Marceline knows this. In fact she was the one who saw her mother get killed when she was young. Marceline first sought for her mother when she was gone missing, being kidnapped by the Dark Overlord but rescues her along with Marsha. Rose cared much for Marceline and also took her with her after Hunson and Marsha escaped to the Nightosphere. She protected Marceline again from the Dark Overlord, which resulted in her death.


Marsha is the second daughter of Rose, but after Marsha's birth quickly seperated after she got kidnapped by the Dark Overlord. However the two found each other again when she and Marceline saved her from the Dark Overlord.  when the war began they were trying to escape to the Nightosphere. Marsha went along with Hunson while Marceline stayed with Rose. Marsha never saw her mother again..

Dark OverlordEdit

The Dark Overlord and Rose once were friends of each other. Rose was the daughter of the Vampire King, making her the Vampire Princess and later the Vampire Queen after her mother passed. The Dark Overlord was the royal adviser of the Vampire King but got fired because Rose discovered he killed her mother. After her fathes passing she became the Vampire Queen, so the Dark Overlord was determined to kill her. He eventually killed her, but was unaware of her family. He got killed by Hunson who became the Lord of the Nightosphere while Marceline became the Vampire Queen and Marsha the Vampire Princess.