What if the Land of AAA was once the Land of OOO thousand of years ago. what if Marshall Lee The Vampire King was once Finn The Human Hero.What if he learned about a tribe of humans that were nearly exterminated except for one girl and meet her when she was 13. This is the story of the Rise of Marshall Lee.

Don t look at me dude by tobi the good boy-d4g6q4c

finn turning into a vampire

I m still your friend by tobi the good boy-d4g7id1

jake saying that finn is evil because he is a vampire

Papa marshall by metalfluffyninja-d4frh4v

finn going into dark mode

Are you scared by sabaku no ame-d4at6d1

finn utalizing his new powers to turn his body older to woo pb.

Finn was 16 at the time he became a vampire. he became one in exchange to save Princess Bubblegum 's life. He unfortunatly couldnt do the same for Flame Princess who was killed by the mysterious assassins minutes later. finn then went overboard and went into dark mode and was enveloped in darkness and came out as a 30 something looking man. finn then proceeded to attack the assassins targeting jake now. finn quickly beat the assassins but did not kill him. then finn went out of dark mode and turned back to looking like his default vampire apearence but instead had a different outfit. gone was his Bear Hat, blue shirt and pants, and his back pack but instaed a black shirt, navy blue jeans, and brown boots.everyone except marceline was scared of the things that finn did.jake told finn to leave him forever and he was evil becahe was a vampire. finn could not believe this, his best friend calling him evil because he was a vampire. jake is so spiecist.Bonnie and Marcy then defended finn saying that he is a hero and what jake was doing was not helping finn cope with losing Flame Princess. jake would not listen to them. he said Finn, if you come back to the treehouse i will kill you.and You are no longer my brother you are now a Monster.Finn got angry again and went into dark mode again. he said to Jake that he could not believe him and is no longer worthy of his friendship.Then Jake got out and Lady Rainicorn Left Bubblegum alone going with jake Finn then flew off still in dark mode. One hour later marceline found Finn who was still in dark mode at her house. finn said he couldnt change back. marceline said that was because he was untrained in shapeshifting. she taught to Finn how to turn back to his default mode. she then taught him how to manipulate his age. so Finn used his new powers to turn his body 18.when he started to turn 18 his body was envet and then out of the light was an 18 year old man wearing a red and black shirt , blue jeans, and black shoes. marceline said that he was ready for further vampire training. the then started on trianing. first was how to fly. finn failedd twice and fell to the earth. but on the third time he actualy flew. he was so happy to high and fell to the earth just like icarus. 3 years later he finally had all the vampire powers and decided to go meet pb. It was night and he saw pb's room had the lights on.he flew up there a d saw then said hey.pb looked around and saw Finn.she then said Finn what are you doing here wich he replied with I wanted to see you.I just wanted to say something pb.i love you.pb then said oh my Glob. Then well I can't mention this part but after that Finn flew away because of the sun. The next night but he wasn't allowed in he wondered why but he left after a few hours because of the sun. 9 months later Finn heard new about PB was pregnant and had a son.finn later heard of a human tribe. He went to go see it.but he only found a little girl.he learned that the human tribe was nomadic.then the little girl name is Simone.Finn then said where are your parents? which to Simone replied with dead.i was left here as a sacrifice to the great hamster is in some of our many holy books.finn then said does any of them say Calvin and hobbes wich Simone replied with yes.finn then said well you're gonna die if you're left alone.I will be your protector. meanwhile in the treehouse six screams can be belongs to a female rainicorn and the others belong to the five rain-pups


Twelve years later . Finn has been training Simone in fighting since the day he found's is her sixteenth birthday and her one hundredth adventure.he was a bit afraid for her because of some dog killing people but he let her go. Ten minutes later he found marceline in his bathtub.he wondered why she was in there. He waited a hour till she came out then they caught up with each other. Then marceline kissed him. He tried to resist but he gave in.She then left.finn thought why the hell is she having this sudden atrocious to me.this is weird.

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