Queen Illumina
Gender Female
Age possibly 28
Species Human
Occupation Queen
Relatives Vivian, second eldress of Luminous (Mother), Sheila, first eldress of Luminous (Aunt), Lilian, third eldress of Luminous (Aunt)
Voiced by Carol Jacobanis
Birthday Unknown

History Edit

She is known as the "Queen of Faa" in many lands. She mainly rules her kingdom along with her family who are also ruling the kingdom. Alicia first met her when she was requested on a mission (Unknown for now).

Apperance and EquipementEdit

She has long black wavy hair. She wears a white dress with a yellow/golden veil around her waist and a yellow/golden strapless shoulder cloak with a purple heart gem. She wears a crown with 3 purple gems and with that, holding a veil which covers her face. She wears an almost over the elbow white fingerless gloves. She is in fact african-american.


She does have the ablity to hold light or use light as a weapon. She use little magic, mostly because she doesn't like much of magic.


She is calm, very elegant as what a queen should be like.



She has some sort of special connection to Alicia. It is rumored that she is a future version of Alicia.


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