Prolouge is the pilot of Adventure Time Leonard McLean 14.


The pilot of the series.


The episode begins showing the outside in the tree fort. Then the screen shows Leonard sitting on the couch and eating a sandwhich. Finn then walks downstairs and greets him good morning. Leonard replies back, then continues eating the sandwhich. He then tells Finn if they should go on a adventure. Finn agrees and both him and Leonard fist pound. Leonard says what time it is. Finn says it was 9: 30.

The screen then shows Leonard and Finn putting their weapons in their backpacks. Leonard charges himself up in a generator while Finn takes a shower. Seconds later, they run outside and see Death choking a Chesse Man and then Leonard sneaks up behind Death and grabs out a lighter and lights Death's jacket on fire. Death screams and Leonard whacks a pan on Death's head, knocking him out. Leonard and Finn hi five each over.


  • Matt Wolf (Leonard's original name)
  • Pen (Finn's original name)
  • Death
  • Cheese Dude

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