Princess Power
Name Princess Power
Artist Marceline
Played in "Royalty's Picture"

==For PB==

Heey, Bonibbel,

Do you like, the sound of my bells?

Its time to jam,

On the breezy ham,

And let everyone, come, for this is,

My song, for you, to go, to me,

And see-eee-eee

==For LSP==

Hey Lump,

I see you can stump,

On my little baby finger,

Away from danger,

And your paa-a-a-arents

==For Flame Princess==

Hey, hot head

Get out of your bed,

Its time to follow me,

Don't try to flee.

For I will know where you are,

I wont try little i-spy

For I-i-i-i-i want that wishing eye.

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