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Princess Mint
Princess Mint
Name Princess Mint
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Mutant
Occupation Princess
Relatives Flint
Introduced In The Lost Sword

"Princess Mint" is a character who was first seen in The Lost Sword. She appeared near the end of the episodes when Flint and Shake return to their own castle to rest for a few days, after exploring whole Ooo in one day.


Princess Mint has a light-blue skin, similiar to a mint. She has pure white hair and wears a small silver crown on her head. She wears a long wedding-like dress without sleeves. The dress reveal her shoulders and has around three layers. She is very sweet and smells like mint.


  • Her name rymes with Flint.
  • She sometimes is mistaken as some sort of Candy Person because of her name and because she smells like mint.

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