Princess Hunt is a fanfic game where you can either play Finn, or Jake. You unlock new characters along the way, such as BMO and Marceline.


This is a fanfic game which is not invented yet.

Level 1: Princess Bubblegum

Enemies: Gunter

Boss: Ice King

Level 2: Lumpy Space Princess

Boss: Gunter

Level 3: Ghost Princess

Enemies: Skeletons

Boss: Death

Level 4: Slime Princess

Enemies: Rebels

Boss: Ice King

Update Version For MoreEdit

Level 5: Hotdog Princess

Enemies: Gunter

Boss: Ice King

Level 6: Raggedy Doll Princess

Enemies: Doll Dudes

Boss: Ice King


  • I hope its an iPad/iPhone game.
  • Ice King captured 6 princesses! Beat the math out of him and save the princesses!

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