Cyber Prince/Logan Formen
Cyber Prince
Gender Male
Age He Is 10 (true age 1013)
Species He Is A Cyber Human(basicly A human hybrid)
Occupation He is the Prince of the Internet
Relatives all His family member is Dead
Introduction The Cyber World
Voiced by Shion Asato
Birthday 12,27,1991

He has a Crown and a T-shirt a blue jeanes and orange sneakers

History Edit

In 1998 1 year before the mushroom war (aka Y2K) he was an computer genius at the young age After he got killed by the Nuclear Bombs In 2000 He had been absorbed by the digital Portal The Programs Consider Logan as their prince

Apperance and EquipementEdit

Katana,Digital Saber(DB's Saber),glock 16,Ak 47,Rocket Laucher is his wepons


He could summon a Katana,Digital Saber(DB's Saber),glock 16,Ak 47,Rocket Laucher


Well He is a Nice person but if getting infected by an virus he becomes a dictator but rarely finn gets suprised because he is a Cyber Human


He is friend with Finn Jake PB HP LSP ME-MOW.EXE SIMON.P.EXE CLINTON.EXE Sonia Wildberry princess Maria


  • Insert fun facts about the character in a viewers point of view....


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