Prince Gumball
Name Prince Gumball
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Candy Person
Occupation Prince
Relatives Troy (brother)

King Reginald McLean III (uncle) Princess Bubblegum (cousin)

Introduced In Fionna and Cake
Latest Appearance Adventure Time 2: Love May Hurt
Voiced by Neil Patrick Harris
Prince Gumball is the gender-swapped version of Princess Bubblegum originally created. After the gender-swapped characters were introduced in series of drawings and comics, they were featured in the season 3 episode "Fionna and Cake," in which it is revealed that the characters only exist in fanfiction written by the Ice King. He is the benevolent ruler of the Candy Kingdom and is Fionna's former crush. He is also Ice Queen's most often targeted prince. Marshall Lee calls him by his first name, Bubba. His best friend is Lord Monochromicorn. Leonard always calls him 'Charles'.


Prince Gumball has the same color scheme as his female counterpart. He has pink skin and his hair is somewhat in a coiffe. His head is adorned with a small golden crown and a blue jewel. He wears a hot pink shirt with light pink puffed sleeves and magenta slits. He also has magenta under-sleeves (accompanied by dark-pink sleeve cuffs) and a large matching collar with a small blue jewel inside a gold crest on it. He has a belt with another golden crest and a small blue jewel design on the buckle, dark-pink trousers with purple seams running down the sides, and indigo dress shoes. Unlike his female counterpart, he has visible pink eyebrows. Also, when his eyes enlarge, they are shown as purple.

Prince Gumball's Bedroom

Prince Gumball's bedroom is the place where Prince Gumball presumably sleeps. Parts of the floor was destroyed when Ice Queen used her ice magic to make ice come from the floor and attack Fionna.


Prince Gumball's bed is purple with a pink bed frame. There are three purple pillows and a red blanket. It has a carpet that goes up the steps where his bed is placed. It has some candles and a flower pot. There is a door that goes to an unknown room. There is also a pink bean bag in the corner with what appears to be a ukulele laying on it, and a lamp hanging over it for light. Like a typical royal bedroom, it has two castle-like windows to each side of the bed. Near the ceiling, there are many round pink drapes, there is also one drape that extends far beyond the others. There are rose petals scattered over the room. It is unknown whether they are usually there, or if he only scattered them to "welcome" Fionna.



Prince Gumball has shown romantic feelings for Fionna, but that was actually the Ice Queen in disguise. However, the real prince also had shown feelings for Fionna and had actually asked her out on a date. However, Fionna did turn him down.

Lord Mochomicorn

Prince Gumball has his own loyal companion, Lord Monochromicorn. Prince Gumball can understand Lord Monochromicorn's Morse code.


Marsha is Prince Gumball's girlfriend. They met while he was visiting Princess Bubblegum for the week. Their shared passion for baking and Gumball deeply cared for her.

Elf Princess

They were never seen interacting with eachother. Howerver, just like their gender-swaps, they could be divorced.


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