Gender: Male Age: 11
Species: Human
Occupation: Hero, Adventurer
Birthday: November 30

History: Preston was born in a jungle on the outskirts of Ooo. He was wearing a diaper and a bear hat, similar to Finn's hat. When he was only two, his parents abandoned him in a desert. He was found unconcious by the Embryo Princess, so she took him to the Embryo Kingdom by using her telekinetic powers. He grew up with the Embryo Princess, and when he was nine, he became an adventurer. He has saved many princesses and princes alongside Finn, Jake, Fionna, and Cake. When he was ten, he was hit in the head by the Ice Queen and had a severe concussion. It was hard for him to do anything, even eat, drink and talk, so he laid in a bed in a guest room in Princess Bubblegum's castle. Princess Bubblegum fed him baby food because he couldn't control his jaw muscles. He recovered shortly before his eleventh birthday. Currently, he now has a room in Finn, Jake, Fionna, and Cake's treehouse, and is a very good adventurer.


Preston is a very friendly kid, but gets annoyed easily. He is energetic, fun-loving, spunky, and the type of guy you would love to be friends with. But if you're mean to him, he might verbally hurt you, and if you really make him mad, he might physically hurt you. He is shy to some people that he doesn't really know, but once he gets to know them, he isn't shy anymore.


Finn - A great friend, and is like a brother to Preston. They like to hang out together and play video games on Beemo. Sometimes they get mad at each other once in a while, but usually, they're best buds.

Jake - Not as close as Finn, but pretty close. They usually like to eat ice cream together because they both like it. Preston is really freaked out that Jake's insides smell like vanilla (he can smell it when he burps), but is relieved it doesn't smell like "spleen spit" which he calls anything that smells bad.

Fionna - Preston is very shy towards her. He has a huge crush on her, but tries not to show it. Preston sometimes shyly says hi to her.

Cake - Preston doesn't really pay much attention to her, so they are acquaintances. Sometimes he has short conversations with her.

Embryo Princess - Preston's love interest. Preston hopes to become the Embryo Prince one day and then rule the Embryo Kingdom as king with her. Sometimes, EP kisses Preston on the cheek, but only when he does something amazing. Preston likes and dislikes the kiss and the same time. He likes it because he finds that it feels good, and dislikes it because he gets some of the amniotic fluid on him.

Ice Queen - He hates her so much after she gave him that concussion. He hopes one day to give her a more severe injury.

Princess Bubblegum - Like a big sister to him. Sometimes they hang out together, and one time they went skydiving together.

(I will fill more out later!)

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