Finn and Jake throw a party, but are attack by party demons. Ice King tries to crash the party. Jake and Party Pat have a Party Off.


  • Finn
  • 201px-Happyfinn


  • Ice King
  • Princesse Bubblegum
  • Maceline
  • Lumpy Space Princesse
  • Party Commander
  • Party Army
  • Party Goers
  • Party Pat
  • Party God


The scene opens with Finn holding a clipboard, checking off items.

Finn: Music?

Jake: (On turntables) check.

Finn: Chips?

Jake: Yeah.

Finn: Dip.

Jake: Yes

Finn: Then, that’s it

Jake: No we don’t have enough butts

Finn: How do we not have enough… wait, Jake!

Jake: Don’t worry we have enough butts coming to the party

They hear a knock on the door. Jake opens it, and Ice King is there.

Ice King: Party Time.

Jake: Ice King what are you doing here?

Ice King: Well I heard you were having a party and I decided to bust it.

Finn: We didn’t invite you

Jake: Yeah last time we had a party you tried to use one of our guest as an ice cube.

Ice King: Well he was giving me the dirty eye

They stare at him and Gunter walks in.

Jake: Come on in Gunter

Gunter: (Walks in) quack, quack.

Ice King: Gunter, how could you (runs out).

Jake: Heesh

Someone else knocks on the door again. Jake opens the door

Jake: Come on in, Ahhhhhhhh (the people rush over him). (On the floor)That’s gonna hurt in the morning.

PB: Hey, Finn

LSB: Well this party isn’t lame so far

Marceline: Sup, guys

During the party Jake is haven a good time, but Party Pat steps in

Party Pat: Jake the dog, I challenge you to a Party Off.

Jake: Yeah, sure

Round 1: Dance Off (Party Pat wins)

Round 2: Sing off (Jake wins)

Round 3: Who can drink the most juice (Jake wins)

Ice King: (Behind the window) now I just need to open the window (opens window).

Jake: (while drinking soda) Whoa (pumps his fist in the air knocking the king of window falling to the ground).

Party Pat: Jake you have proven yourself to be the Ultimate Partier

Jake: Well I just love to party.

Someone knocks on the door. Jake stretches over to the door and opens it.

Jake: Ice King I’m gonna mess you up.

Ice King: Sush, Party Animals are coming.

Jake: What!

Ice King: Their coming (he runs away).

Jake: Finn we got trouble

Finn: Ok, let’s beat the tar out of them

The army arrives

Party commander: You, Jake the dog have broken the party law by parting to hard. Get ready to eaten by our Party Dogs, Party Animals, Party Demons, and Partypuses (Platypus/Platypuses)

Jake: Butt

Finn: Can they even do that.

Party God: Yes Finn it is Party Law

Finn: Then it is fighting time

The two groups’ battle, Finn is fighting the soldiers while Jake takes on the commander himself all the party energy causes the place to explode but everyone runs out before.

Ice King: (At the broken door) at least I made it into the party (looks at the door). Nooooooooooooooooo!

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