Parrot Princess
Gender Female
Age 25
Occupation Princess,Zoologist
Relatives Unknown
Voiced by Victoria Justice

Parrot Princess is a sweet but shy princess who rules over the Bird Kingdom. Finn and Jake think she is crazy because she enjoys hanging out with the Ice King.

History Edit

She was once a human who loved animals. She loved animals so much, she turned tried to turn herself into her favorite animal, a bird. The experiment went all wrong,though. Instead, she became a human-bird hybrid. She found many people like her so she created the Bird Kingdom. Even though she's a princess, she still continues her love of zoology.

Apperance and EquipementEdit

Parrot Princess has red, yellow, blue and green hair with a pink feather instead of a crown. She wears a yellow and red dress(original outfit). Her skin is a pale green and her tail is red, blue and green.


PP can fly very fast. Although she doesn't have wings, her feathers help her to fly.


She is very kind, but she is very shy. She has a crush on the Ice King, but he doesn't notice. PP acts very competitive when challenged. She loves the annual flying race in the Bird Kingdom, which she commentates every year.



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