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its me!! drawn by me!

Paris the adventuer is rumered to be Fionna's long-lost cousin and has very intresting hidden talents. She is a human girl. Not much is known about her at the time, but the creator (paris-the-adventurer) is working on a picture


She has strawberry blonde hair sometimes in a ponytail. She usally wears long sleeved shirts with a mini skort, matching knee socks and (converse) shoes. Sometimes she wears that and a matching kitten hat.

In snowy weather, she wears a white dress with a tan button-up coat and matching furry boots with a white kitten hat. In an upcomming episode, she is wearing skinny jeans,black boots,a pink long sleeved cat shirt and a black and pink cat hat.


Some call her annoying but when you get to know her, she is a loving kind funny person. Its said when she gets mad she calls people imbecile in a funny voice or makes a "ERRR!!" sound. That is usally because she does not like to be judged. Paris is friendly a great writer and a pretty good artist. She is smart but can get stumped or confused. Paris is a curious and very paranoid girl.


  • She might be in a upcomming episode
  • The creator is working on art.
  • She may cross into both Aaa and into Ooo.
  • Paris is scared of spiders shown in a fake commercial, screaming at the sight of a small spider.
  • Paris can get confused sometimes and talks in a strange voice that annoys some people.

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