• finn, fionna, cake and jake travell throug time to find out a family secret but find out more than they taugt

Its a normal day at the treehouse when PB enters and tells them she has a suprise for them. When they get there they find the princess build a time machine. She tells them they can use for anything. Finn and Fionna want to use it to find there parents but jake wantsto use it for looking at the time he and cake beet them in halo 7. they get to the time machine and type 13 in the dial. they get out to find out they went to the FUTURE not the past. finn is married to flame princess, jake as 3 kids with lady rainicorn, fionna is married to PG and the lich is supoosed to be dead. They got back in but cake sends them to the moushroom war. they escape just before the icbm detonated. they then go to the present were the people laugh at theyre hats. finally after that they finnaly reached the time they want and find out there mom is ... SUSAN STONG. jake and cake are shocked but finn and fionna said that they had a hunch of that. after that they went back home andtell pb all of teher adventeres throug time nd lets them keep the time machine. the episode ends with finn and fionna visiting susan strong and calling her mommy and huging


  • this episode reviiels susan is finns mom
  • when theyre in the present you can see the whole crew of AT in the crowd and pen ward says he looks just like finn

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