The below is an Episode of Ooo CrusadersEdit



Ice king threatens to kill all of Candy kingdom after Finn and Jake defeat him and all of his penguins.

"Ooo in danger"
Season One, Episode 1
Production code: 0101
Airdate: January 2nd
Director: Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Frankan Hekit
"Never upon a Time"


Finn and Jake are outside Ice King's window. They jump in and grab the King. After failing to scold them, Ice King gets hit in the nose by Finn's fist. He runs away crying into another room. When Finn and Jake are about to leave, the Ice King comes back and cackles as he freezes them together with an icy handcuff. Kingy flies away after announcing he will destroy the Candy kingdom. Jake uses his stretchy powers to stretch his legs to a rock just outside the window. He pulls the rock back, and smashes the cuffs with the rock in between his feet. Jake grows huge and Finn mounts on top.

Ice king freezes Princess Princess into a ice statue, just as Princess Bubblegum hits him with a black board. After attempting to seduce her, he is put into jail. Finn and Jake arrive and watch the Ice King. Ice king eventually tricks them into letting him go. He freezes Jake into an 'Ice dog' and freezes the door. Without Jake, Finn can't go after Ice King! Jake calms Finn down by speaking. Finn warms his friend with a match.  Finn, out of the corner of his eye, sees a Pink jewel shaped like a heart. Jake thinks it's a cardboard fake, Finn disagrees. Bubblegum melts the ice with a flaming sword and calls Finn and Jake over.

"Woah!" Finn and Jake exclaim. The Ice King turned the Kingdom into another Ice covered Kingdom! Icy servants and Ice cream. Finn climbs up a tower only to get punched in the face by the Ice King. Jake stretches up and defeats the Ice King. King floats away, but the tower is freezing over! Jake esccapes, but leaves Finn up. Before the ice takes Finn and makes him part of the icy tower, he jumps and lands on Jake's head. After replying 'Thanks, dude' to Jake, Finn shows the Heart shaped Jewel to Bubblegum. She says it's part of a collection of special, holy items. Finn and Jake give each other excited faces and the episode ends.

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