One Bad Bully is the fourth episode of the fourth season of The Abadeer Family. The episode begins when Marsha, begins preschool with Marceline. Marsha expects to easily befriend tons of people her age, but Kim begins bullying her. Marsha try to avoid Babs at first, but when she dares to scare Marsha on Halloween, she resort to revenge.


New StudentEdit

It the first day of preschool for Marsha. When Marsha arrives at the school, Marsha sees all the kids her age there. Marsha looks overwhelmed and nervous. Marceline tells her that she has a big surprise for her, and covers Marsha's eyes with herhands. She takes her away to reveal the a blue chair, empty. Marceline then show Marsha around the class room, Marsha following along.

A Bad BullyEdit

"More like, a new crybaby!"
— Dark Princess

Despite Marceline's effort, Marsha seems unimpressed. In an attempt to convince her tofeel comfortable, Marceline decides to show Marsha the library. Unfortunately, Dark Princess intervene, describing Marsha as "funny looking". She keep berating the Marceline until she cast her eyes upon Marsha, making fun of her apperarence. 

Recognizing Kim as a bully, Marsha suggests they tell Hunson Abadeer. However, with Dark Princess threatening retribution if they do so, Marceline thinks otherwise. The show then flows into a [Seed|song] presenting the many different situations where Kim victimizes them. Afterwards, Marceline finally takes Marsha tirick-or-treating, but Kim (dressed as a scarecrow) scares Marsha (dressed as a unicorn). This causes Marsha to burst out crying a fountain of tears.

Once again, Marsha suggests they talk to Hunson Abadeer, but Marceline diverts this by saying they need to fight back. She plots that they should fight her. Marsha however, backs out.


During the fight Marceline doesn't know what to do. Marsha, seeing her sister being beat up so bad, pushes Marceline outta the way, only for both of them to end up in the mud.


Whenthe girls are washing mud off themselves back in the Nightosphere, Marceline expresses her astonishment that Marsha saved her. Marsha regretfully explain to Hunson how Marceline and her were being bullied and how Marceline picked a fight with Dark Princess, and became a bully herself in the process. Hunson then says that they should've told him in the very begining. Then Marsha said that she kept on saying that. Episode ends.


Marsha: What... just happened?
Marceline: I think Babs just went to the dark side.
Marsha: We have to tell Daddy!
Marceline: No! We're not snitches, and we're not babies!
Marsha: Then... why do I feel like crying?
Marsha: And I figured out why I didn't wanna start school, to avoid getting picked on. But, by then...Marceline was the one being a bully. And... why does life have to be so ironic?!

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