Name Nymphia
Gender Female
Age 18
Species Elf
Occupation School Student
Introduced In Visiting Elf Kingdom
Latest Appearance Enchanted War (cameo)

Nymphia is a character who made her first introduction in Visiting Elf Kingdom. She was the girl with who Elf Prince started to date with after his break-up with Princess Bubblegum. It was revealed she only used him to get jewlery and money.


Like her name already indicates she looks like a nymph. Although she is an elf her big ears are hidden in her hair, saying she find them ugly. She has a turquoise skin and green-gray hair. She wears a light-blue top and the same color skirt. She has several blue jewels, like a bracelet, an amulet on her top and several strings of balls attached to her skirt.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being an elf she posseses the ability to fly. During the war she was seen on the background firing green orbs of light to the gnomes and fairy's.

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