"Not Him Again"
Season 2, Episode 24
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"The Lava Lamp"
"Blue Flames"

"Not Him Again" is the twenty-fourth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


The citizens of Lemongrab begin to steal out of the Candy Kingdom.


Starchy arrives back in his home, he opens the door and scream. Moments later at the Candy Castle many citizens are angry because of something. Princess Bubblegum can't understand anything so she grabs a microphone and shouts through it saying everyone must be quiet. When everyone is quiet, besides Chet who gets removed out of the building, PB asks Starchy what happened. Starchy said he got home and his whole house was wrecked on the inside. After he cleaned everything up, he saw that his favorite shovel was missing. Chocoberry then says her hairbrush was stolen, followed by Mr. Cupcake who says his weights have been stolen. And after that everyone begins to make loud noises again. PB again calls for silence and says she will ask Finn and Jake to solve this problem.

Finn and Jake arrive at the Candy Castle and understands the situation. He says her not to worry because they will solve the problem. Finn and Jake look around town when they suddenly see yellow creatures walking through the town and break into a house. Finn and Jake quickly rush towards it and see they are Lemongrab people. They quickly run away with a half-eaten sandwich. Cinnamon Bun comes home and greets Finn and Jake. He tells them he is going to enjoy his half-eaten sandwich. Jake brings him the new which causes Cinnamon Bun to drop on two legs and shout "NOOOO" to the sky.

Finn and Jake go back to the castle and inform PB that Lemongrab is behind this. PB then gives Finn and Jake the key to enter Lemongrab again. Finn and Jake arrive at Lemongrab and open the kingdom. Unlike previous time the town had nice houses and the people seemed more normal than last time. They went to the castle where they confronted Lemongrab and his brother. Lemongrab asks his brother to collect the stuff from the citizens. Finn and Jake aks Lemongrab what is going on here. Lemongrab says he wants to make his kingdom look more like PB's so he is stealing DNA from the citizens to create new ones that resemble those. Jake aks whats up with stealing Starchy's shovel, Chocoberry's hairbrush, Mr. Cupcake's weights, Dr. Ice Cream's stethoscope and Cinnamon Bun's half-eaten sandwich. Lemongrab expains that all those objects have DNA stucks to it like; fingerprints, hair, sweat and even saliva.

Finn says to Jake that he still is very weird. Jake chuckles. He then says to be sure to bring the stolen goods back after he used them. Lemongrab says they probably won't need them though. Finn asks confused why. Lemongrab says he is planning on taking over the Candy Kingdom with his new army, then to Lemonana Guards come and kick Finn and Jake out. Finn and Jake hurry to PB and tell her the news. PB is shocked and says they should prepare for war. After some time everyone stands in front of the gates with weapons in their hands. They see the Lemonclones storm towards. PB shouts to Lemongrab that he doesn't have to do this. Lemongrab says its time that the superior has to take over. PB then has no choice and starts the war. After some fighting no one seems to have died yet. You then see Cinnamon Bun fighting Lennamon Bun when Cinnamon Bun accidentally spits too much salive over Lennamon Bun which causes him to explode. PB sees this happening and knows whats wrong. Finn and Jake come to her, PB says that by overloading the clone with DNA it will explode. Finn and Jake hurry into the battlefield and shout to spit on their lemon clones to let them explode. Not shortly after only Lemongrab and his brother (on their mounts) are over. Lemongrab admits his loss. PB then says not to pull such stunt again else she will spit on him. Lemongrab thinking he will explode too rides away with his brother. PB then giggles. Finn asks what is so funny. PB says that if she spits him there won't happen anything. The three then laugh until Chet approaches them and asks where his hat is. The three momently stop laughing but continue again after the interruption.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Candy People
    • Cinnamon Bun
    • Starchy
    • Chet
    • Chocoberry
    • Mr. Cupcake
    • Banana Guards
    • Dr. Ice Cream
    • more...
  • Lemongrab People
    • ​Lennamon Bun
    • Lemonchy
    • Lemet
    • Mr. Cuplemon
    • Lanana Guards
    • Dr. Ice Lemon
    • more...
  • Snail


  • This is the fourth assault on the Candy Kingdom.
  • Snail appears between the crowd of Candy People in the begin.

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