Name Niran
Gender Female
Species Fire Elemental
Occupation Pet
Relatives Flambo


Introduced In "Enter the Inferno"
Latest Appearance "Ooo's Pet Show"

Niran is a character who first appeared in Enter the Inferno. She is the pet animal of Flame King and Flame Princess. She also is the guardian dog of the Flame Kingdom. She later also returns in Ooo's Pet Show where he comes in second in the pet show.


Niran is a giant flambit who resembles a dog. She is very huge and a bit lighter than other flambits. She has flame ears and a tail with a flame on it's tip.


Niran, being a fire elemental, has the ability to use fire-related attacks. She is seen breathing fire, but also using fire claws and shooting flame balls out of her mouth. She also uses her tail and claws to fight.


  • Niran is based of the mythical creature Cerberus.

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