Name Nina
Gender Female
Species Lumpy Space Person
Introduced In Miss Lumpy Space

Nina makes her first appearance in Miss Lumpy Space, where she is one of the candidates of the Miss Lumpy Space show. She is friends with Melissa and Lumpy Space Princess but is very arrogant. She ends up as one of the last three finalists but loses to Lumpy Space Princess.


Nina is a bit of a bitch and thinks she's the most beautiful Lumpy Space person in Lumpy Space. She mostly always gets what she wants which makes her very spoiled. Most other girls seem to hate her but act like they are friends of her, including Lumpy Space Princess. When she lost the miss LP she got very sad and angry and ran away, which makes her a bad loser.


Nina is a Lumpy Space person and thus is very lumpy. She is a thin red lump with a red bow in her hair. Her eyes are shaped very sharp and she has thick eyelashes. She also has red cheeks and red lipstick.

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