Niff is the shadow verision of Finn, capable of mass destruction. Niff seems to only have one weakness and that is Finn's sword, though it needs to be wielded by Finn to hurt or kill him. Niff knows of this weakness and tries, unsuccsessfully, to kill Finn.


Niff once was one of the last humans living in Ooo before he found a dark artifact. The moment he came in contact with it he saw images of death and darkness and was given incredible knowlege. He soon became obssessed with finding the "Shadow Dimension". He used his new knowledge to create a portal between the Shadow Dimension and Earth and was transported there. While there he became corrupted further by the shadows, mutating into a dark form of his old self. He then gathered a large army of shadows and went back to Ooo. Unfortunatley for him, The candy marines killed his dark army and was sealed in a prison miles below the surface.

Appearance and EquipmentEdit

Niff looks slightly like Finn although his hands are claw-like, he has flaming eyes and his skin in purple. His clothes are like Finn's, but with a different color pattern. Niff, like Finn, also has sword although his is infused with dark energy. His sword can infect anything it touches with the shadow virus, turning it into a shadow. He also has the Chaos Gun, the most powerful weapon ever made.

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