Neono Gardener
Neono Gardener
Neono Gardener
Name Neono Gardener
Gender Male
Species Chemical Person
Occupation Gardener
Introduced In Illness

Neono Gardener is a character who first appeared in Illness. He is the second chemical person who Princess Bubblegum encounters while she searches for a cure for Cinnamon Bun's disease.


Neono Gardener is different shades of green. He wears a big head that makes a shadow over his face, and only one eye is seen glowing underneath it. He wears a shirt with an overall over it. He wears boots and has three special things. His left arm is replaced by a hark and his right arm is replaced by a scythe. He also has a tail which is a shovel.


Neono Gardener is very good in fighting with his scythe, hark and shovel. He can sweep with his scythe horizontal, and vertical in circles. He can extend his hark to reach further away enemies and his shovel when he is in trouble.

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