Finn and Jake are wandering through some forest when they find a tree that has a weird symbol on it. The symbol is a Triangle with an eye in it. Jake remembers the symbol from childhood, So he sets the symbol on fire. But however it dosen`t burn the whole tree, but just the outline of the symbol. And it also burns the outline of a secret door around the symbol. When finn and Jake put water on the Door, jake opens it and immediatly and gets sucked into a portal that then dissapears. Finn frreaks out and falls into the doorway. He falls into a hole and into another portal on the bottom. He starts blasting off the earth going to mars. Finn wonders if he`s gonna see magic man as he slams into the core of mars. He lands through a gap into a place that`s like Spirit realm/nightosphere. He asks an armored demon where this place was and the demon said that it was called the Marnacore. He turns to find Jake leaning on a balcony in a hotel behind him. Finn Quickly rushes into the hotel and up into the hallway that connects to jake`s room. Finn knocks

more later


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