Name Mint
Gender Male
Age 2
Species Candy Person
Occupation Pre-school Student
Relatives Peppermint Butler (brother)
Introduced In School Time

Mint is a character who first appeared in School Time. Mint is the little brother of Peppermint Butler and is a student at the Candy Kingdom pre-school.


Mint is a well-dressed peppermint candy. He wears short blue pants and big red boots that reach up to his pants. He is completely white with some triangle-shaped red stripes. Unlike his brother he does have black eyes.


Mint possesses a connection to the Land of the Dead, just like his brother. The extent of this "connection" is unknown, but he is capable of using a spell to enter the Land of the Dead and teaching other mortals said spell, allowing them to enter. Like a real peppermint candy, Mint has minty, cooling abilities for those who eat any part of his body.

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