(Leonard and Rag Wizard are riding on Finn's shoulders, Finn is running)

Rag Wizard: Faster, she's in danger!

Finn: Who is he talking about?

Leonard: I don't know, but we will figure out soon enough.

Finn: What?! Then why am I running so hard?

Leonard: Because...

Rag Wizard: Because she's in trouble!

Leonard and Finn: Who?!

Rag Wizard: Marceline!

Leonard: Go fast, Finn!

Finn: She's in trouble!

Finn: Hey wizard, how do you know Marceline aka Leonard's secret crush?

Leonard: Finn!

Finn: What? I was just saying.

Rag Wizard: I'm her spirit animal.

Finn: I did not notice.

'(They arrive at Marceline's house, Marceline lying on her floor)

Leonard and Finn: (Gasp)

Leonard: Marceline! What's wrong with her?

Part 2

Leonard: It's our treehouse. This must be when Marceline lived here.

Marceline: I'm so glad we're doing this, Ash.

Ash: Yeah, me too. Oh, hey wait. Watch this- I've been practicing. (Summons rose)

Rose: Marceline! I love, I love.

(Marceline kisses Ash on cheek)

Ash: (Giggles)

Finn: Who the hell is that guy?

Leonard: Ash, I guess.

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