"Mega Finn"
Season 1, Episode 2
Director: ATSuperFan
"Animal Atomizer"
"Rainy Day Games"

Mega Finn is the 2nd episode of season 1 of ATSuperFan's episodes.


Finn accidetally drinks a potion from Princess Bubblegum that makes him very huge and Finn can't stop himself from causing destruction while they wait for her to make something to make him small again.


Finn and Jake are with Princess Bubblegum in her laboratory while she is making a potion that is supposed to increase the mass of food so that she can end world hunger by making infinite food with the growth syrum. She tries multiple things to get the food to do as she wants but she keeps messing it up and it's getting her really mad. Princess Bubblegum angerdly makes another potion and Peppermint Butler comes and tries to calm her down but she just slaps him with the hand she's holding the potion with and he goes flying across the room with the potion and hits a wall. The potion falls in Finn's backpack without them noticng and Finn says that he's getting creeped out and they go home taking the potion she just made with them.

Finn and Jake go to their treedome and they bust in happily dancing. BMO comes up and says "Is it the time that I think it is?" Finn and Jake say. "Yes it is BMO!" The time that it is for them is Super Yummy Lunch Time. Jake gets to the stove and starts making food and Finn starts setting the table. They make a whole bunch of delicious food and they start eating away. Finn opens his backpack to get some pudding out when he comes across the potion. He takes it out of there confused and thinks it's some sort of drink he forgot about and drinks it. He starts shaking wildly and out of control and Jake and BMO jump out of the way. Finn starts growing bigger and is freaking out. Jake says that it must have been one of the potion Princess Bubblegum made.


Major RolesEdit



Princess Bubblegum

Minor RolesEdit


Peppermint Butler


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