Gender Female
Age Level 29
Species Pokemon
Occupation Heroine, Adventurer
Relatives Unknown
Introduction Adventure Time: Girl Power!
Voiced by Roz Ryan
Birthday Unknown 

History Edit

Apperance and EquipementEdit

Her appearance is the same as any other Mawiles. But sometimes she wears a pink ribbon on her head, but never wears it often.


Since Mawile is a pokemon, here are her known moves

  1. Bite (Forgotten in season 3; now ViceGrip)
  2. Hyper Beam
  3. Protect
  4. Faint Attack


Unlike other Mawiles, she's different. She's very loyal to Alicia, and when she first met Alicia, she even told her not to worry due to the fact that Alicia panicked because she is a wild Mawile and because of it's appearance. She tends not to worry things and always cheers Alicia up when ever she's down. Mawile is always out of her poke ball, however it is unknown what kind of poke ball it is. She's sometimes laid-back and even gives advice to Alicia.



  • Insert fun facts about the character in a viewers point of view....


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