"Marshalia Abadeer (episode)"
Season 2, Episode 4
Director: DarKingdomHearts

Leonard McLean 14

"Demonicon Is Done"
"The Killing Floor"

Marshalia Abadeer is the fourth episode of the second season of Adventure Time Origins and the seventeenth episode in all.


Marceline finds Rose Abadeer and return to Hunson , just in time for Marsha's birth.


The episode begins as Marceline is searching the forest. She flipped over rocks, she parted branches of trees, she even looked behind bushes and climbed trees. She couldn't find her mother anywhere. She called "mommy" multiple times. Still, no awnser. Then, Marceline came up to a small cave. As she walked inside, she saw that her mother was sitting in a rocking chair, singing softly to her stomach (of course, Marsha was in there). Marceline ran and hugged her mother, but Marceline was pushed away by a kick from her mom's stomach. Rose Abadeer then said that it was just Marsha only kicking. Marceline then began talking to Marsha. She said that she was going to be Marsha's big sister and that when they were older, Marceline would take care of her, no matter how mixed up they both get. Once Marceline lifts her Marsha wants to come out now.

They both rush throught the forest, but bump right into Hunson Abadeer, who was looking for them both. Rose then falls to the ground. When Hunson asks what's wrong, Rose pulls him to the ground and screams at him to get Marsha out, saying that she can't breathe and that she's dying. Hunson gets up from the ground and helps Rose deliever Marsha. 

Marsha didn't cry, but she did breathe in quick, startled pants. Her eyes were wide open, her expression was so shocked it seemed pretty funny. Her little, round head with a thick layer of matted, bloody curls. Her eyes were a familiar-but astonishing-chocolate brown. Under the blood, her skin was light gray. She looked a litle similar to her father. But she was truely beautiful. The episode ends.



  • Marsha makes her first actual apperance.
  • Marsha looks a lot similar to how Renesmee , Edward and Bella 's baby from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn , looked like when she was born.
  • The episode was originally named "Vampire Nights."

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