Marshaleo Abadoe

Prince Marshaleo

Name Marshaleo Abadoe
Gender Male
Age 995 (chromical)

14 (appearance)

Species Demon/Vampire
Occupation Prince
Relatives Hailey Abadoe (mom)

Marshall Lee (Brother)
Marshall's Dad (Dad)
Marceline (sister)
Marshalia (sister)
Princess Bubblegum (partner)
Marsh Jr. (son)
Abigail (daughter)
Sugar Drop (neice)
Finn Jr. (nefew)

Introduced In Parallel World
Latest Appearance Adventure Time 10: Back to the Past
Voiced by Victor Frost

PonyPhonic (as Marsh's singing voice)

Marshaleo (a.k.a. Marsh) is the gender-swapped version of Marshalia.


He is a humanoid vampire who wears a red loose shirt, blue trousers, and black sneakers with a design of a lightning bolt. He has light-blue skin, and sharp fangs. He has dark-blue hair with bangs that usually cover his left eye. He has a bite mark in his left part of the neck.


Marsh presumably has the same abilities as Marsha, since he was first seen in demon form. He can also sing and play his guitar and dance. He can eat the color red, just like Marsha. He says he can drink blood, but rarly does it. He can turn into a wolf form, like Marsha, keeping his hair in this form. Like Marsha, he can also raise the dead. He also appears to have the same rapid healing that Marsha has. In "MK vs. AT", Marsha poses the same abilities as her gender-swap:

  • He can do a slto in the airand then flies forwards holding her claws in front of him.
  • He can turn into a mist and go to another part of the stage.
  • He can make his bat wings appear and slash them forth
  • He can take one step very fast forward, disappearing for a brief second, and appears behind the opponent and has slashes them.
  • He can grab an oppenent with a lizard tongue and throws them away.
  • He can grab  a wooden stake and stick it into the neck of the opponent, afterwards he will stick a cross into the shoulder of the opponent.
  • He can turn invisible and attack without the opponent without them knowing his location
  • He can transform into a wolf and begins to feast on the opponent, first biting of some limbs and then eating out of it's stomach and then changes back again.
  • He can transform into a mixture of a Labadore Retriever (legs), a bengal tiger (middle), a tabby (tail end) and a wolf (head) with his mother's eyes. She uses the six blades in his hands to cut the opponent in 7 layers.


He appears to have an interest in music like Marsha. He also seems to have admireation for My Little Pony. Like Marsha, Marsh is also an outgoing, energetic, and hyperactive person who loves sweets. He has a fondness of parties and a tendency to throw them on a whim. Marsh also plays many instruments and frequently breaks out into song. He is sometimes not taken seriously even by his closest friends among other instances. He is almost always excited at some point, and manages to keep his excitement.

He is rowdy, endangering others with his violent, 'friendly' rough-housing. He appears to have an interest in music like Marsha, as he's shown to rap and carry around and play an electric guitar, opposed to Marsha carrying around a ukelele. He also displays Marsha's ability to mess with people with elaborate jokes, but goes to a further extent than his female counterpart and feels remorse quicker



Marsh is first seen interacting with Fionna in "Parallel World." There, he is messing with Fionna's mind with his love spell. He even goes as far to fake that his innocence. While doing this, Fionna freaks out and slaps him. When he reveals that he was only kidding, Fionna angrily punches him, then proceeds to do so again, laughing and crying simultaneously, filled with rage and emotion.


Marsh often messes with Cake, but they seem to be on good terms. When Marsh appeared to be hurt, Cake rushes after him to save him. She was also relieved when Marsh revealed that he wasn't really dying even though Marsh had just put her under love spell her moments before.

Marshall LeeEdit

Marsh's relationship with Marshall Lee is similar to Marsha and Marceline's sisterly rivalry toward each other.

Super Adventure SeriesEdit

Super Adventure Bros. 3Edit

Marsh's first appearance is in Super Adventure Bros. 3, in which he aids Lord Grim in his plot to conquer all the Land of Ooo Using his army and weaponry, Marsh takes control of Big Island. Afterwards, he became extremely anxious to fight Finn, as he maniacally deduced that the latter will soon get nervous.

Marsh can be found and battled by Finn in the cabin of his personal Airship, which is heavily guarded by various traps. In battle, Marsh tries to either jump on to Finn or shoot magical blasts of energy at him. After being jumped on three times by Finn, Marsh is defeated, and he is released from his spell.

Super Adventure WorldEdit

The villains return in Super Adventure World, aiding Lord Grim in Dinosaur Island. Marsh is found in #1 Marsh's Castle in Dino Island, where he guards a Dinosuar trapped within an egg.

During battle, Marsh fights Finn by charging at him on an upside-down, shell-like platform floating back and forth in lava. Marsh can't be hurt; instead, he gets knocked back by Finn's attacks. Marsh also throws balls at Finn. Marsh is defeated by Finn by being knocked into the lava surrounding the platform. He then re-rises and appears to be freed from he spell, but badly burnt.

New Super Adventure Bros. WiiEdit

In "New Super Adventure Bros. Wii," Marsh is shown to be supremely hyperactive, and can be heard giggling to himself when the player walks down the corridor towards his room in the castle. Due to his hyperactivity, he's also the fastest of the antagonists (besides Marsha, his counter part).

Marsh is first encountered in the World 5 tower. When he first sees Finn, he is falsely shocked by his appearance, and then, he taunts him by slapping his behind with his right hoof. Here, he jumps between the main floor and three moving platforms. Iggy also shoots rays of magic from his hooves to attack Finn and the speed of these fireballs are the fastest in the game, besides Marsha's. After he is stomped on three times, Marsha retreats to the castle deeper into World 5 with his mother. His reaction to flight is very fast, but it's really not that fast compared to Marsha.

When Finn encounters him in the castle, Hailey is in a carriage attached to an average-size Marsh. Marsh then triples his size. Finn must get behind Marsh and attack Hailey, who still shoots rays of greem lightening bolts from a small blood mist cloud she made with her right hand. If Finn strikes Hailey, Marsh turns red, turns around his direction, and starts moving fast for a short time. After Finn hits Hailey twice, Marsh becomes faster, giving Finn less time to react. Eventually, however, Hailey is defeated, Marsh is relased from his spell and Finn gains the key to leave the castle and moves on to World 6. Because of the nature of his "boss" fight against Finn, he is the only villain who doesn't shoot rays of magic. Instead, he turns red, turns around and runs fast for a short amount of time. He shoots magic faster in the tower battle than in the castle battle.

New Super Adventure Bros. 2

Alongside the rest of the villains, Marsh returns in New Super Adventure Bros. 2 as one of the bosses in the game. He is the boss of World 2-Castle. After beating Flame Princess, Finn encountered Marsh with Marceline, the former of whom proceeded to once again taunt Finn by slapping his behind at him before making off with her. Before battling Finn, Marsh will taunt him once again before entering his carriage. In his battle, he  is the one who sits in a carriage with a Wolf attached to it and he will use his wand to shoot green fireballs, much like in New Super Adventure Bros. Wii, although this time, the Boss room is designed differently, so the Chain Chomp has more paths to go. After stomping on Marsh, the the wolf will get angry, though it'll exit the room from the top or bottom and will continue. After the second stomp, the wolf will start getting quicker. After three stomps on the head, Marsh is defeated, leaving the key to World 3. Like in his castle boss fight in New Super Adventure Bros. Wii, he is doesn't spin uncontrollably when stomped on, for the same reasons as why he didn't in Wii. Conversely, Lord Grim in 2 doesn't spend a limited amount of timespinning uncontrollably upon being stomped due to the nature of his boss fight, though he does go spinning until he enters the pipe.

New Super Adventure Bros. U

Marsh, along with the rest of the villains, returns in New Super Adventure Bros. U. He serves as the boss of the Jungle, similar to his role of being the boss of World 5 in New Super Adventure Bros. Wii. When Marsh is encountered, just like in New Super Adventure Bros. Wii, he'll fake shock at Finn's arrival, before laughing it off, but in this game, Marsh won't slap his rear end. Marsh uses the four warp pipes to run around the room and make it harder for the player to stomp on him as he uses his magic to shoot three fireballs, some being his usual green flame, and the other red orbs that generate Lava Demons when they land into the lava below. When Marsh is stomped on, he will spin around the room uncontrollably using the pipes on the walls, which will switch him to the other side of the room. Unlike the other villains where they spin uncontrollably and change directions at the edges or walls of the room, Marsh can actually change directions anywhere around the room. After 3 stomps, the lava below will drain out of the room, and Marsh will be freed from his spell once more.

Marsh has four blue pipes on each wall just like Marsha has in New Super Adventure Bros 2. The only difference is that Marsha has pink pipes and Marsh has blue pipes, and that Marsha uses her pipes to summon enemies, while Marsh uses his pipes to traverse the cabin and keep Finn and Jake on their toes.

Marsh has his own personalized airship, with his face as the bow, and light brown back at the top. The stern of his ship has a dark brown color design, similar to his former shell color from past appearances. Unlike the other airships, Marsh's ship has two propellers on the back instead of one. There is another propeller at the top of the ship just below the crow's nest. The ship is equipped with two cannons, one on each side. The cannons also have blue lids on top used for opening and closing them. The hull is plated with metal, which is used to carry the lava in his airship. His airship is thinnest of all the villains' ships, which is a reference to his skinny body. Marsh's airship seems to fly faster than others, which in addition to being a reference to the fact that Marsh is the second fastest villain, is because of the power generated by the two propellers at the back of the ship. The cabin of the ship is completely filled with metallic walls. The room has rectangular shaped windows as well as having four pipes, two on each side of the room with two of them on the ceiling and the other two on the floor. The bottom of the room below the platform is able to carry lava. The tail of the ship resembles his own.

Finn is MissingEdit

Marsh appears in "Finn is Missing!", the latter of which he speaks entirely in rhyme. In this game, Marsh travels to the Artic North with Lord Grim and the other villains, trying to aid them in stealing artifacts, which Bowser intended to sell to raise funds to buy hairdryers from Hafta Havit Mail-Order. With these hairdryers, Lord Grim plans to melt the Artic, flooding the Land of Ooo.

Marsh is encountered by Jake in Lord Grim's Artic Frotress; while looking for Finn and stopping LG's plot, Marsh is fought by Jake, who can easily defeat him by using a Fire Flower. Before his defeat, he acknowledges that Lord Grim's angry because of Jake advancing, and claims that the final enemy they have is "fireproof."

Lady's SafariEdit

In Lady's Safari, Marsh helps Lord Grim invade the Crystal Dimension. After stealing the chrystals that maintained the stability in Crystal Dimension, LG entrusts one of these chrystals to Marsh, who is given domain over the Rainicorn territory.

Utilizing a heavily armed mechanism, Marsh has six cannons on his mechanism, one located in the end of six of his mechanism's ten tentacles. Marsh needs to be blasted repeatedly with Finn's Super Scope to be injured. Soon, Marsh's mechanism, upon sustaining enough damage, explodes, and Marsh is left floating on a piece of debris floating on the ocean, waving a white flag as he is freed.

Hotel FinnEdit

In Hotel Finn, Marsh, unlike the other villains, does not gain a hotel when the Candy Kingdom is taken over by Lord Grim. Instead, Marsh is located inside Lord Grim's Seizures Palace Hotel, in "Marsha's BBQ Room". In his battle against Finn in Hotel Finn, Marsh wears a hockey mask from scary movies and, along with jumping between floors, can spit fireballs and summon a small amount of lightning that can strike Finn. He is one of the three villains who wouldn't try to eat Finn or Jake, which may be because he does not use elevators, or perhaps due to his mask. Marsh's mask needs to be jumped on repeatedly by Finn, eventually falling off, resulting in Marsh's defeat and summoning Marsha to battle.

Finn & Jake: Super Star SagaEdit

The villains appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where Lord Grim's castle is converted into a flying fortress used to attack Beanbean Castle Town. Marsh is the first of the villains encountered by Finn and Jake, and before battling the two, Marsh spins rapidly


  • Like Marsha, Marsh says that he's from the Nightosphere. He later says that he's the son of a demon (also like Marsha) and the demon prince.
  • Marsh wears the same outfit in both "Fionna and the Flute" and "Devil's son," unlike Marsha who usually changes outfits in every episode she appears.
  • Marsh seems to have the same relationships with Hailey Abadoe, Dark Prince, and Marshall Lee, similar to Marsha having relationships with Hunson Abadeer, Dark Princess, and Marceline.
  • His hairstyle is different in "Devil's son," than in "Fionna and the Flute." It appears down rather than up, however, this could be because he was first seen in the rain, which could have caused his hair to get wet and fall down.
  • He seems to possess the negleted trait Marsha has, and hides it like she does.
  • In his demon form, he has billy goat horns, unlike Marsha's Gazzelle horns.
  • Marsha is aslo pure of heart.
  • He has a ghost pet cat, similar to Marsha pet Dusk

See AlsoEdit

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