'Marsha and Marceline: The video Game' is a video game inspired by Adventure Time with Marsha and Marceline. It will release on the Nintendo DS, xbox 360, Play station 1,2, & 3 and Nintendo 3DS hand-held system.


In their first licensed Adventure Time video game, follow Marsha and Marceline on their adventure throughout Ooo! Journey through the Land of Ooo in a sereies offbeat adventures and discover perilous dungeons and unimaginable treasures, while unlocking various items, weapons, and characters.



  • Marshalia Abadeer (all the time)
  • Marceline Abadeer (all the time)
  • Finn the Human (several missions)
  • Jake the Dog (several missions)
  • Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (several missions)
  • Ice Princess (several missions)
  • Leonard McLean (several missions)
  • Lumpy Space Princess (few missions)
  • Flame Princess (few missions)
  • Tree Trunks (3 missions)
  • Elf Prince (Get him by completing Battle Mode!)



  • Ice Soldiers
  • Henchmen
  • Holographic Men
  • Leonard Clones
  • Prisoner Guards
  • Royal Guards
  • Ice Guards
  • Army Men
  • Juggernaughts
  • Royal Soldiers
  • Zombies
  • Skeleton
  • Priests
  • Skeleton Masked Priest
  • Candy Zombies
  • Ninjas
  • Lions
  • Skulls
  • Gnomes
  • Skull Gladiators
  • Penguins
  • Snow Monsters
  • Evil Ghosts
  • Ice Bulls
  • Nightosphere Demons


  • Ricardio
  • Xergiok
  • Giant Bear
  • Swamp Giant
  • Science Cat
  • Gary
  • Penny
  • Gunter
  • Hunson Abadeer (twice)
  • Flame King (twice)
  • Door Lord
  • Ice King (twice)
  • Possessed Princess Bubblegum
  • Flame Princess
  • Ash
  • Crystal Queen Tree Trunks
  • The Lich (2 times)
  • Aquandrius
  • Worm King
  • Scorcher
  • Mildwin
  • Sleepy Sam (bonus)
  • Ice Queen (bonus)
  • Cosmic Owl (bonus)
  • Henchman Leonard


  • BMO
  • Royal Soldier
  • Royal Guard
  • Royal Princess
  • Sergant
  • Lady Rainicorn
  • Snail (collect all snails in each area to unlock genderswap costumes)
  • Gunter
  • Slimey Princess
  • Hot Dog Princess
  • Hot Dog Guards
  • Princess Princess Princess
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Peppermint Butler
  • Chocoberry
  • Starchy
  • Nurse Poundcake
  • Dr. Ice Cream
  • Mr. Cupcake
  • Stacky Panic
  • Flame King
  • Flambo
  • Peter Pape
  • Ben Finn (Fable 3)
  • Blue Gumball Machines (Collect all of them in each area to unlock Leonard McLean)


The player directly controls Marsha from a third-person camera angle. Most of the gameplay occurs on interconnected field maps where battles take place. The game is driven by a linear progression from one story event to the next, usually told in the form of cutscenes, though there are numerous side-quests available that provide bonuses to the characters.

Like many traditional role-playing video games, Adventure Time features an experience point system which determines character development. As enemies are defeated, the player and allies gain experience which culminates in a "level up", in which the playable characters grow stronger and gain access to new abilities.

Combat in Adventure Time is in real-time and involves button presses which initiate attacks by the on-screen character. A role-playing game menu, similar to those found in Final Fantasy games, at the bottom left of the screen provides other combat options such as using magic or executing combination attacks with The player is also able to switch between the party members that are chosen for the level, although most of the times when beginning a level you can only play as the characters in that story. You can have 3 part members max in your team, though this is not always the occassion in the story mode.


There are many missions based on the episodes of Adventure Time. Some of the episodes are excluded.

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