Throughout the course of Adventure Time, Marsha is known to possess 4 sweaters.

Red SweaterEdit

The red sweater is a special sweater knit by Marceline for Marsha in "Adventure Time Anime ." It is a red sweater. It's marsha's oldese because she simply remarks on how warm the sweater is, but the sweater proves crucial later as a major weapon in defeating evil, due to its being imbued with the power of "friendship." Finn uses it to defeat dark Princess. The Red Sweater is worn a lot by Marsha in the Ice Kingdom. She hasn't used it since she knitted the pink sweater.

Hot Pink SweaterEdit

The hot pink sweater is a special sweater Marsha knit herself. It is a hot pink sweater. After initially putting it on, Marsha noticess on how warm the sweater is.

Yellow SweaterEdit

The yellow sweater is a sweater Finn gave to Marsha after he received the pink sweater from Princess Bubblegum.

Christmas SweaterEdit

Marsha possesses another sweater, seen in the 2-part special, "Merry Christmas ." It looks like a stereotypically tacky Christmas sweater, which was given to her on her 5th Christmas. It is hot pink, with white dots on the sleeves and near the bottom hem, and it has rouldolph the Red-nosed Reindeer on it.


  • Marsha calls her sweaters her "Friendship Sweaters."

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