"''Marsha's Death'" is a 2-hour Special of "Adventure Time ."  


After Marsha dies, Finn goes on a quest to bring her back.


A rope snaps. On a broken bridge is a small unicornio Poni Demon dangling for her life. Marsha and Marsh are rushing to the bridge with Finn taging along. Marsha holds the bridge steady as Marsh goes onto the bridge to save the Unicornio. Marsh grabs the Unicornio and turns to go back. The rope snaps, but Marsha grabs the rope with her teeth and prevents it from falling. Marsh hangs on tight to the rope and to the Unicornio, who screams once again. Down below, the river flows swiftly. Marsh throws the Unicornio over to Finn, who grabs her. Marsha keeps trying to pull the rope to her way, but is pulled closer to the cliff. Giving it all her might, she remains put on the cliff. However, the cliff begins to crack and gives way under Marsha. In Finn's eyes, he sees both Marsha and Marsh falling, screaming to their deaths.

As the young Unicornio apologizes to Finn over and over again, Finn could only look at Sparkles, Marsha's plush toy, the only thing that reminded him of the one who did one heroic deed before she died.

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