Vampire-demon hybrid


Vampire prince

Introduced in

"Marsh and Marshall Lee"

Marsh (also known as M'arsh the Vampire Prince) is the gender-swapped version of Marsha and created by Marsha and Marceline's fan fiction. He was created by Mathison Chicetrawn, creator of Marsha. He and the other gender-swapped characters appeared in the episode "Marsh and Marshall Lee." He is usually seen in the company of Marshall Lee , his older brother. Marsh travels with Fionna and Cake. Just as Marsha can understand multiple languages, Marsh can understand multiple languages, including morse code. Marsh has many enimies.


Marsh supposedly has the same abilities as Marceline, since he can use super speed, turn into a demon, and hypnotise people.


Marsh has a slim body, an average height, pointy ears and light blue skin. He has a matching permanent bite mark like Marsha's. In "Marsh and Marshall Lee," he is seen wearing a red t-shirt with baby blue jeans and black sneakers.


He appears to have an interest in music like Marsha, as he's shown to own a guitar, and he has anger issues, about the same level as Marsha.


  • His name was officially changed from "Scarlee" to "Marsh," because Marsha's name changed from "Scarlet" to "Marsha".
  • Similar to how Marsha had hundreds of boyfriends, it is revealed that Marsh had hundreds of girlfriends.
  • Marsh is strong enough to lift and hold Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake, similar to how Marsha could lift up Princess Bubblegum , Marceline , Finn, and Jake.
  • Marsh knows Morse Code, similar to how Marsha can understand Korean.
  • As his female counterpart with Marceline, she appears to get violent of Marshall Lee.
  • Not counting a technicality with Neptr, he, Lumpy Space Prince, Prince Gumball and Prince Huge are currently the only princes to appear in the show.
  • Marsh enjoys knitting and baking.
  • Marsh is the second one to refer to Fionna as a "tomboy."

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