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Queen Marceline Abadeer
Marceline Stock Night
Name Queen Marceline Abadeer
Gender Female
Age Chronological: 1,000+

Appearance: 18-21

Species Vampire - Demon
Occupation Queen

Ghost Pet (Formerly)

Relatives Hunson Abadeer (father)

Rose Abadeer (mother)

Marsha (sister)

Wendy, Booboo, Georgy (former Owners)

Marsha's Daughter (neice) Marshall Lee (brother)

Marsh (brother)

Abigail (neice)

Marsh Jr. (nephew)

Introduced In Evicted!
Latest Appearance An Adventure Time Christmas
Voiced by Olivia Olson

Ava Acres (as a child)

Nicki Minaj (Adventure Time: The Movie)

Marceline Rose Abadeer (full title: Marceline, The Vampire Queen) is one of the main characters in Adventure Time and a vampire that is over a millennium old. During Finn and Jake's first encounters with her, she requests that they leave wherever they are as the areas belong to her. Though initially an enemy to them, she quickly becomes one of Finn and Jake's closest friends.


Marceline is over a thousand years old, as she said in "Evicted!" and "Daddy's Little Monster." In "Memory of a Memory," one of Marceline's memories shows her as a young girl playing near the burning ruins of a city, presumably the aftermath of the Mushroom War. It is later found out in "I Remember You" that the Ice King gave her Hambo during the war. It is revealed in "Finn the Human" that Marceline already knew the Ice King by the end of the war, confirming that the events shown in "I Remember You" happened during the war, not after. It has yet to be explained how Marceline returned to her family. It is revealed in "Finn the Human" that Marceline was still traveling with the Ice King as the events in that alternate universe cause the Ice King to die and she chooses to guard his dead body.

When Marceline was a teenager, her father ate her fries in the ruins of a diner, as Finn witnessed in her memory. This incident damages Marceline's relationship with her father, which she later sings about in her "Fry Song." At a later point in her life, the first memory where she is chronologically seen as a vampire, she moved into the Tree Fort (that would later become Finn and Jake's home) with her boyfriend Ash. She would later dump him for selling her prized possession Hambo, a raggedy teddy bear that she carried close to her throughout the years of her life that the Ice King was shown in "I Remember You" giving her Hambo when she was young. Marceline has also mentioned her mother, but no in depth information has been given about her or their relationship yet.

In "Evicted!" Marceline says that she had been traveling all over the Land of Ooo, claiming that she has had adventures such as riding Giant Goldfish and traveling to the Fire Kingdom, although, according to Natasha Allegri, she was lying and trying to show off. She has also apparently gained several places of residence throughout her life.

It's unknown exactly when or how Marceline became a vampire, although she did not have a bite mark on her neck when she was younger. As revealed by her alternate version in Farmworld, Marceline does consider herself half-demon, which may be a major contribution to her longevity. However, this side doesn't give her any magical powers or abilities such as flight and transformation as well as a similar eternal youth to her father, which she appears to have gained due to her vampire powers.


Marceline is described as a wild rocker girl. Centuries of wandering the Land of Ooo have made her a fearless daredevil. She is a lover of all things exotic and still travels across the land often. She has a mischievous personality and is rarely intimidated. Despite seeming evil at first, Marceline is a trickster at heart, and her "evil plans" often turn out to be nothing more than elaborate jokes. She is described by Finn as "a radical dame who likes to play games." She loves to play pranks on Finn and Jake. She also occasionally has violent outbursts, as shown in "It Came from the Nightosphere." Though during her line in the song, in Evicted! she stated that since she has been alive for over a thousand years she had lost her moral code.

She can also be sentimental. She was very emotionally attached to her teddy bear Hambo, which was given to her by Simon Petrikov; after Ash sold it to Maja, she was furious and broke up with him. Later, Princess Bubblegum got Hambo back in the episode Sky Witch.

Marceline seems to be very emotional. For example, in "What Was Missing," she seemed to be more "aggressive" towards Princess Bubblegum than she usually is. She is also very independent, and in early episodes would often act without concern for Finn or his friends. It is easier for Marceline to express her feelings through music, as seen with "The Fry Song" and "I'm Just Your Problem," but has trouble expressing them otherwise. She keeps a diary that she uses for inspiration for songs as seen in "Marceline's Closet." When Marceline read the lyrics to "Remember You," the song that Simon Petrikov wrote for her, she began to cry.


Marceline has light blue-gray skin and long, midnight black hair that reaches to her feet. She also sports two marks on her neck which could be the bite mark that turned her into a vampire. Despite being over a thousand years old, her appearance and personality is that of a late teenager. In the episode "Go With Me," her hair is shaved into an undercut, which reveals that she has pointy ears. She is very thin and sometimes appears to be thinner than Princess Bubblegum; however, her shape can vary slightly depending on who is drawing her.[2][3] She is usually floating in the air but when she stands next to the other main characters she is taller than them. In most of her transformations, she is shown to have green eyes. Her looks are more likely as a result of her half-demon heritage than her vampirism.

Clothes Marceline wears different outfits in most of her episode appearances.

Powers and abilities


Marceline's abilities have been shown to go beyond that of a traditional vampire, as she has been shown to possess the powers like:

  • Levitation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Invisibility
  • Necromancy
  • Instantaneous self-healing
  • Shape-shifting: She has the ability to shape-shift into numerous monstrous forms, including a bat, a wolf, a reptilian creature, or a tentacled monster.
  • Shades of red feeding: Also unlike traditional vampires, Marceline is capable of sustaining herself on "shades of red," such as the color in strawberries, and is not limited to surviving on blood. According to the note she left on her door in "Marceline's Closet," she gets lucid dreams when she eats tomatoes. 

Marceline additionally seems to have control of how her long hair moves.

When she wears the Nightosphere Amulet, she gains the ability to shoot green lasers which either vaporize or transform whatever they hit. She can also create or transform into a large cloud of blood mist with the ability to shoot green lasers. In addition to these things, she also gains the ability to devour souls.


  • Bass player: She is an expert bass player.
  • Singer: She is a proficient singer.
  • Basketball player: She can play basketball and perform a slam dunk without floating.


Marceline is very vulnerable to sunlight, as is common in vampire lore, but she does not dissolve right away however. The nuance to this in theAdventure Time world is that vampires are specifically vulnerable to direct sunlight. Marceline is capable of unrestricted movement on a bright sunny day provided that she shields herself, which she usually accomplishes with a combination of a parasol and a large sunhat, sometimes with the addition of full-length gloves to cover her arms. According to Marceline, moving around on a bright day still hurts mildly, comparable to scraping her knee, but she can bear it. Exposure to direct sunlight will cause Marceline to painfully melt into a pile of goo, though if she retreats into cover she can heal back to normal within moments. It is not clear if prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will eventually kill Marceline outright.

Also like typical vampires, Marceline can't see her own reflection in a mirror. In "Heat Signature," Marceline explains to Finn and Jake that vampires can't defeat ghosts: "It's like a rock-paper-scissors thing." It is unknown if Marceline is negatively affected by garlic because her only known exposure to it happened when Jake pelted her in the head with large cloves of it, so the pain she experienced may have come from the impact and not the exposure. It is also unknown if Marceline can be slayed with a wooden stake since Marceline hid when Jake attempted to do so.

Music and instruments

Marceline is a very talented musician and songwriter, and is proficient at singing and playing her basses. Because she is ambidextrous like Finn, she is capable of playing her basses with either hand, and may even be able to employ double handed tapping which would allow her to combine simple rhythm progressions with lead parts. As seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere," Marceline is familiar with the production of chords, which is a technique not normally employed by bass players.

Marceline has three bass guitars, one seen in "Evicted!" a Butterfly Bass  seen in "Heat Signature," and her Axe-bass in "Henchman" and "It Came from the Nightosphere." She seems to be most attached to and protective of her Axe-bass. The Axe-bass is supposedly a family heirloom as mentioned by her father in "It Came from the Nightosphere," and it was originally a weapon before Marceline modified it. It is shown in "Daddy's Little Monster" that she also plays and has a banjolele, or banjo ukelele. Though she has amplifiers, she doesn't usually need to plug her instruments into them.

In "Five More Short Graybles," Marceline is in search of a music shop selling a guitar known to play the 'most savory licks in Ooo.' Whether or not she bought the instrument is uncertain, but she was shown playing it before the scene panned.



Though they were initially enemies, Finn and Marceline soon befriend one another. Marceline acts as a bully in her debut episode "Evicted!," she is impressed by Finn's brave aggression and defiance and chooses to kiss him on the lips after they fight. Both Marceline and Finn share the same spark for adventure and love of danger and excitement. Marceline is very good friends with Finn and seems to trust him and be very comfortable with him.

One of the reasons Finn and Marceline befriend each other is that Finn saved Marceline's life in "Henchman" when Jake exposed her to the sunlight and threw garlic at her in a misguided attempt to help his friend Finn. However, though they are now friends, Marceline still seems to care about her Axe-Bass more than him, as seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere." In "Go With Me," Marceline makes it clear she does not want to date Finn, but Finn explains that he did want to date her. They go to the movies together, as girlfriend and boyfriend. Recently, Marceline has expressed that she does indeed care for Finn's well being. This is exemplified in "Heat Signature," where she becomes more protective of Finn when her ghost friends prank him and Jake too far on what started to be a harmless "vampire initiation."

It is revealed in "Marceline's Closet" that Marceline sometimes still hides out in Finn and Jake's Tree Fort. In the same episode, Finn sees Marceline naked as she is about to take a shower, resulting in Finn being very flustered.

In the episode "Daddy's Little Monster" Marceline's father states that he thinks that her friends, meaning Finn and Jake, are ok. After she finds this out she jests to Finn that she does want to hang out with him more.

However, in "Adventure Time: The Movie ", Finn admits that she has a crush on Marceline, a crush that was a part of "Adventure Time with Marsha and Marceline."


An avid trickster, Marceline cannot avoid scaring Jake when their two
Marceline and jake
paths meet. Seeing his completely rational fear of vampires, Marceline often teases Jake and intentionally horrifies him when the chance is given. This perpetual bullying comes back to haunt Marceline, however, when Jake refuses to believe in her generally wholesome ways and almost fatally wounds her in "Henchman." Since then the two have seemed to intentionally avoid one another: Jake hides in Finn's pocket when he's with Marceline in "It Came From the Nightosphere." However, later in season two, Jake gets over his fear, and he is often seen hanging out with Finn and Marceline as friends. He might even be fully considered a friend as evidenced in the beginning of "Memory of a Memory," when after the Rag Wizard (Ash in disguise) informs Finn and Jake that Marceline is the one in trouble, he begins running faster, and later in the episode, when they run into the young Marceline and she asks who they are, Finn says "We're Finn and Jake!" then Jake says "We're your friends. "Also, in "Go With Me," he called her "babe." It is still notable, however, that Jake still holds some level of fear for Marceline, as seen on "Marceline's Closet," where he was noticeably scared of what she would do to them upon the realization that he and Finn broke into her house and hid in her closet.

Hunson Abadeer

Marceline holds a grudge against her father because he ate her fries, as described in Marceline's Fry song. She also said that she didn't think that her father cared about her or loved her, which was probably more hurtful than
the fry stealing. (This was made more explicit in Rebecca Sugar's original draft of the song, widely available on the Internet.) When he steals her Axe-Bass, her hatred of him grows. After learning how she really feels through her song, Marceline's father tells her he loves her, and she says she loves him too. They appear to have reconciled for the time being. However, she still prefers that her father remains in his prison in the Nightosphere, because it is too "emotionally exhausting" when he is around. They have a classic teenage-daughter-to-father relationship. In "Daddy's Little Monster," on Jake's video phone, Marceline asks Finn and Jake if they want to party in theNightosphere. Finn is reluctant because he still thinks her father is crazy, but she assures that he is "cool," perhaps meaning that they are on better terms. Later in the episode after Finn and Jake free Marceline from the Nightosphere amulet's control, she is shocked that her dad fooled her into wearing it. Marceline's father confesses that he only wanted to be proud of her, and Marceline tells her dad that she wants him to be proud of her as she is. He says he is proud of her, and smiles, so they may have worked out their issues. In I Remember You in a flashback, she can be heard saying "Daddy? Daddy where are you?!". This for some reason her father wasn't with her after the apocalypse.


Marceline has a pet zombie poodle named Schwabl. Seen briefly in her house in the episode "It Came from the Nightosphere," Schwabl was lying in the living room when Finn and Marceline were doing a song. It walked up and
Zombie Poodle
went to another room once Finn started beat-boxing. Pendleton Ward has confirmed that Schwabl was based on his friend Marie's dog Schwabble. Schwabble is a white male poodle that has recently passed away, and is seen on the show as Marceline's dog that roams around her house. There is a small dog door for it in the kitchen.

In "Marceline's Closet," there is a doggy door in the front that Jake uses to get into Marceline's house while Finn and Jake were playing Cloud Hunt.

Princess Bubblegum

According to the original series pitch document, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have a "friendly rivalry." Princess Bubblegum shows discomfort around Marceline and appears to disapprove of her creepy ways, while Marceline simply responds to this disapproval with mock affability, even teasing her with Bubblegum's first name of "Bonnibel" and inability to show someone a good time, like her, which causes even more dissaproval from 


Princess Bubblegum. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum arguing in "What was Missing" The two can clash easily, as seen in "What Was Missing," when Marceline sang  "I'm Just Your Problem" directed towards Princess Bubblegum, and spat on her jacket in the midst of a heated and highly emotional argument, making her storm off. In the same episode, it is revealed that Princess Bubblegum's stolen item is a t-shirt Marceline gave to her some time ago. The princess says she sleeps in the shirt as pajamas, causing Marceline to blush, something she only does when feeling very emotional, which is visible in a few episodes.

It was later revealed in the episode "Stakes of Gum" that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline do have feelings for each other. Bonnibel came to watch Marceline's concert because she loves her music, Marceline invited her backstage. When Marceline sung an extended version of I'm Just Your Problem and Oh, Bubblegum, Bonnibel realised that Marceline also had feelings for her and they started a secret relationship. In "Couple Night" they finally revealed their relationship to the others, in "Garlic and Peanut Butter" Marceline took the step to introduce Bonnibel to her father. Hunson eventually approved and they could be open about their relation.


Ash is Marceline's ex-boyfriend. They lived in Finn and Jake's Tree Fort together before they moved in. Ash performed spells to impress Marceline and called her "Mar-Mar." Eventually Ash sold Hambo, a teddy bear, Marceline's beloved childhood toy, resulting in her becoming enraged and dumping him. In "Memory of a Memory,"
Ash and marceline
Ash poses as the Rag Wizard and pretends Marceline is under a sleep spell in order to trick Finn and Jake into removing the memory of the breakup. She then falls back in love with him, but once Finn shows and explains the situation, she becomes enraged again and kicks Ash in the groin, followed by a heavy pummeling by her and Finn, and later Jake. He does not respect her at all, as he only wants to use her to make him dinner and do other chores. They seem to share a punk-like style.


It seems that Marceline and BMO have a fairly friendly relationship, she is seen playing it in "Evicted!" and comments on how she thinks it's cute. Also in the episode "What Was Missing" Marceline assists BMO and proceeds to call it "baby."

Ice King

Marceline and the Ice King were close friends during the aftermath of the Mushroom War when he was still Simon Petrikov and he was the one who originally gave her Hambo. Marceline remembers her past connection with Simon, but the Ice King does not. Despite this though, he is compelled to visit Marceline on occasion, even though she told him not to. Before the crown wiped his memory, he cared for Marceline for a time and wrote her a note about their
S4 E25 Ice King and Marceline hug
friendship while apologizing for leaving her and explaining why he has to, which she eventually gets to read. Though Marceline discourages the Ice King from constantly coming to her house, she does not immediately force him out of her house even when Finn and Jake arrive to take him away. She admits to liking the Ice King, but as an old father-figure of sorts (she stops the Ice King from kissing her when he mistakes it for flirting). She's also visibly distraught when she sees that he doesn't remember the meaning of the messages he left for her before his transformation into the Ice King, as she doesn't know how she can help him.

In the Farmworld universe, Simon stops him by using his powers to stop his bomb from hitting Earth, but is killed in the process when he was crushed by the nose of the bomb. Distraught by this act of bravery, Marceline protects his dead body for the next thousand years, even avoiding becoming a vampire just to protect him and, more importantly, the ice crown.


Marsha is Marceline's younger sister. The two have been best friends-rivals ever since The Secret Sister. In Secret Sister, the two fight, both ending in a tie.

They work together numerous times, but have a sister rivralry. 

Most recently, in Adventure Time Genrations, Marsha and Marceline are seen having a conversation at Finn's birthday party. They appear to be communicating in a friendly, lighthearted way.


It is the only person who showed real crushed toward it and a lot of emotions, even though it enjoys inconvenience and also the irony of it, but the feelings were will to transform his body into the body of a devil just to be with her (though Finn prevent it) and then disappeared, his feelings towards her and then his feelings turned out to be kind of hate it, but only to hide his feelings.


Marceline and Gene share a long past together. After Marceline was reunited with her father, after she traveled some time with Simon, she became a teen and met Gene. The two began a relationship together although it didn't last very long. Gene tried to help Marceline with her father problem although it didn't work, but did help her compose the "Daddy" song. It later was revealed in "Only Three Wishes" that Grand Master Wizard had forbidden their love and seperated Gene from Marceline. In the present day Marceline doesn't want to talk about their past relationship with Gene and forbids him to speak of it too. They however went on a date in "Couple Night" although Marceline did this to keep her relationship with Bonnibel a secret. Their past was revealed much more, and they had sex one time.

Marsha and Prince Gumball's Daughter

Marceline also has shown to also like her niece as she was happy to meet her. During the short period of time Marceline was with Marsha's daughter, she started  to sing to her. Marceline displayed a general apathy to Marsha's daughter's appearance.


MK vs AT

Signature Moves

  • Invisablity: Marceline turns invisable and can preform combo's without the opponent knowing the exact location.
  • Death from Behind: Marceline summons a skeleton from the ground behind the opponent that then scratches the opponent.
  • Bat Dash: Marceline transforms into a small bat and flies into the opponent.
  • Wolf Jump: Marceline turns into a wolf and jumps on the opponent and scratches them.
  • Fierce Bass: Marceline swings down on the ground with her Axe Bass while enchanted with fire.
  • X-Ray - Vamp Bite: Marceline bites very deep in the neck causing the cervical vertebrae to break followed by a claw going into the opponents head making the skull break.


  • Like a Vampire: Marceline flies to the opponents, bites in their neck and sucks all the blood out, until a dried out body remains and the floor. Marceline then wipes some blood off her mouth.
  • Giant Bat: Marceline transforms into her giant bat form, she grabs the opponent and bites them apart. She throws the two body parts afterwards into her mouth and chews on it. Afterwards the transforms back.
  • Babality: she transforms into a younger version ("Simon & Marcy") and hugs Hambo.

Special Skins

  • Sunlight Overall: the outfit Marceline wore in the episode "What Was Missing".
  • Marshall Lee (DLC): genderswapped version of Marceline.

Adventure Time: OOO Raceways

Marceline is the 1st unlockable character, as well as one of the fastest racers. Her ability, Homin-skeleton army, can send out multiple tracking skele-vehicles.

New Super Adventure Bros. Wii

In New Super Adventure Bros. Wii, Marceline is celebrating her birthday with friends at the Tree Fort. During that time, Lord Grim and the villains bring a cake into the Tree Fort and kidnap Marcy and Peebles. Finn, Jake, and princesses (specifically Marsha and Flame Princess) give chase to hold them accountable, along with rescuing Marceline and PB in the process.


Marceline is a playable character in MUGEN. She is part of the adventure time pack.

Special Attacks

Song Sounds - Marceline will play a strum of music on her axe bass and the sound of it will be very loud and strong so it will hurt the oppoment with it's epicness.

Giant Bat - Marceline will transorm into her giant bat form and swing her claws.

Skeleton Zombies - Marceline will make a league of skeleton zombies rise from the ground.

Soul Suck - Marceline sucks the souls out to the opponent and they turn pale and white and motionless for a few seconds before she spits them back into them.


Hudson Abadeer - A Portal to the Nightosphere opens up and Hudson Abadder comes out and blasts some evil onto the opponent.


Sun Hat

Marshall Lee

Disguises and alternate forms

My Little Pony

In My Adventurous Pony, Marceline is a my little pony simlar to Cloudchaser, except her Cutie Mark is a music note. She is an Pegasus/Unicorn. She lives at the Abadeer Farm with her father, Hunson Abadeer; her sister, Marsha; and

Marceline pony by kittykatkasha-d4axf4u

Marceline (as a pony)

their dogs, Schawbl and Dusk. 


Sometimes I do [drink blood], but it's not the blood that I like. It's the color.


I've seen some stuff that would really make you say "like what?"


I'm not mean. I'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.


"Henchman for life" means, "HENCHMAN FOR LIFE!"


Oh, if it isn't my favorite goody-two-shoes Finn.


(mocking Finn) Ooh, "My code of honor wouldn't allow it."


Yes, Jake? What would you like to talk about?


Sounds like dinner.


I eat shades of red.


Hey, Finn, are you thinking about how that guy's bow tie sorta looked like a bra?


Corpses buried in mud that's black, from death I command you to come back!


Are you ready to lead an evil army of the undead?


I wrote this next song about a fisherman.


You should've hacked it to pieces when it was still adorable...


Yeah, it hurts, but I kinda like it. Reminds me when I'd scrape my knees up as a kid, and my mom would patch me up. You know what I'm saying?


So, Finn, I need you to strangle some pixies.


[...] maloso vobiscum et cum spiritum!

—"It Came from the Nightosphere"

My dad stole my bass guitar, Finn!

—"It Came from the Nightosphere"

Yeah, it'll be funny.

—"Go With Me"

If you show Bubblegum you're fun, she'll defs wanna go to the movies with you.

—"Go With Me"

The only thing women love more than fun is excitement. She needs to feel her blood pump, man! She needs to... BE CHASED BY WOLVES!

—"Go With Me"

Come on, Finn, a brainlord like Bonnie? You'd be bored with her in a week.

—"Go With Me"

Vampire kick!

—"Heat Signature"

Vampires can't beat ghosts. It's like a rock-paper-scissors thing.

—"Heat Signature"

Hello, Bonnibel.

Marceline is the only known person to refer to Princess Bubblegum by her first name, "Go With Me"

Hambo is my only friend.

—"Memory of a Memory"

I'm hurting you because I love you.

—"Memory of a Memory"

What are you guys still doing here?

—"Memory of a Memory"

Nope, but there might be anything behind that cellar door, and it rhymes with memory core!

—"Memory of a Memory"

Daddy, why?

—"Memory of a Memory"

That was my favorite thing in the whole world!

—"Memory of a Memory"

That's the last straw, Ash! That's it! You're a psycho jerk and you ruined my life!

—"Memory of a Memory"


—"Memory of a Memory"

Finn, I think I'd like to wake up now.

—"Memory of a Memory"

They broke out because you let them live.

—"What Was Missing"

Ha! Looks like you're not as perfect as you thought. Guess you can't judge me anymore.

—"What Was Missing"

Stay away from me! FOREVEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

—"Return to the Nightosphere"

Hey guys, wanna come party in the Nightosphere with me? I visited my dad and it's crazy boring.

—"Daddy's Little Monster"

Yeah, I want you to be proud. I want you to be proud of me!

—"Daddy's Little Monster"

Stop, acting, crazy.

—"I Remember You"

You know, I’m actually glad to see you. Maybe I’m the one who’s... nuts.

—"I Remember You"

A sandwhich? You came all the wat to my house and woke me up at 3 in the morning for a sandwhich?

I can't lose my best friend. Not again.

You do realize that's not a real word, right?

—Marceline to Marsha's use of the word "nervicited"

what ! [ enchanted war ]

[spits] I'd think twice about that. Oh, sure, she'll probably approach you all friendly like... [fakes Dark Princess' voice] I sure am lookin' forward to some friendly competition. [fakes Finn's voice] That's so good to hear. [normal] But then, here comes the backstabbin'.

—Marceline describing Dark Princess to Finn

i hate this fairies!!

Sure. You're the guy who gave Dark Princess the what for today. [gulps cider]

—Marceline to Finn


Well, now, it ain't necessarily gonna be your party this time around.

—Marceline, trying to tell Dark Princess that it wasn't her party

"I'm Marceline! More apple fwitter?"

"What exactly does this machine do?"

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