Auditions!Lines are practiced here,I will edit them and put them there.Create characters,be a character that is already real!

Me as Finn,Jake,The Lich and Simon Petrikov

Girls as Girls

Real Men as Flame King or Billy.

Put the message "Magic Member Of Magic Mag" to let you remember!

Bye Guys!

Christmas Fan Fiction coming soon...

Same rules just no Lich,Flame People except Flambo,Magic Man,OR Maggie/Susan Strong!

I'll make a page about that,too!

Okay,for both,comment and link a character's page who you want to be,if you do not have one,then just put a bio of the character in comments.You need Permission from me!Bye

Magic Mag Part 1:Last Human,eh?

Part Two,Susan,Maggie And The Magic Man coming in 2013!Anyone who wants to return from the last year,do!Anyone new can also join for new or be in place for Internet-Not Allowed,sick,or going to a friend's or family's house people!

New Characters

Alex Jameson!

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