Name Lust
Gender Male
Species Sin
Occupation Deadly Sin
Relatives Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Greed & Envy (brothers & sisters)
Introduced In Death Trial

"Lust" first appeared in Death Trial as one of the major antoganists. She is one of the 7 Deadly Sins and thus must be fought by Finn and Jake to go back to the World of Living. She was the sixth sin to be fought.


Lust is a fusion between the love intrests of Finn and Jake, Fire Princess and Lady Rainicorn. Her skin is orange similiar to FP and she has red eyes. She has two horns in the style of the horn of Lady. Her hair is light-yellow, she has bangs hanging over one eye, a part of her hair goes upwards like FP but another part is long similair to a ponytail like Lady's hair. She wears a short orange top and the same color short skirt.


Lust, being a supernatural being has special abilities.

  • She can give kisses that confuse the opponent or even let's them become a slave of Lust, although this quickly can be undone if Lust is attacked.
  • She can shoot fire balls.
  • She also is able to hover in the air and stretch her body.
  • She also can fill the opponent's body with her energy and replace memories of the ones her opponents love. This can be their relatives, love interests and crushes.


  • Unlike other Sins her chamber, which is completely pink with red furniture, does not stimulate her abilities.
  • Like Lady Rainicorn she speaks Korean.
  • Fire Princess and Lady Rainicorn were chosen to represent Lust because they are the current girlfriends of Finn and Jake.

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