Luis Black is Finn's and Alex' other cousin. He is 19 years old, and is a pro prankster. He loves to play the keyboard, and usually plays "Fur Elise". He is Canadian


"Can't talk, busy flirting with ladies,eh. -Luis ignoring Alex' questions."

"Look, its a giant elephant! (Kicks Finn at the butt) Shouldnt had looked,eh. -A prank on Finn."

"Teedo Teedo Teet Tee Tee Tee Teee -Attempting to make a sound similar to Fur Elise"

"Listen, mate, Im trying to sleep. So shut your dirty mouth, and leave me alone, eh? -Luis, annoyed, that he was woken up by Alex"

"You're gunna eat that castle? -Luis, asking a dumb question."

"Finn: Where are we?

Luis: Possibly in Alex' stomach. It's gross in here. -Luis offending Alex"

"Yip! Yip! Yip, yip, yip! -Main Quote"

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