Part 1: Before the possesed

The Snail got up out of bed and brushed his teeth with a toothpick. "Today those veiwers are gonna love me!" He walked outside of his hole and into Finn's backpack. The Snail looked in a mirror an loved it. "Wow, about, well, 3 seasons of perfect acting! I got a Cameo Award!" He saw Finn had stopped, so he went outside to smile and wave. But then he saw the Lich frozen and got hypnotised. He went over to the big cage and cracked it open. Princess bubblegum was freaked, so he ran off. He still felt the evilness in his body, so he did his master's wishes.

Part 2: Get the Enchiridion

The Lich has possesed Princess Bubblegum earlier, but the bubble girl has just been turned 13. Finn has helped her become 18 again, so it was up to The Snail to help evil. He didn't know what he was thinking, but it was best. He ordered a bear to get the Enchirdion, but for a while the bear had just goofed off and did some ol' "Copy cat, cry baby" junk. Finn gave it to him instead of getting killed, but it was good enough. He rode a bike to the cave The Snail was in and gave it to him. "Good. One step closer.." He said, and his evil trilogy will soon be continues. But you can still find him in cameos, possesed!


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