Lich Wizard
Name Lich Wizard
Gender Male
Age Unknown (deceased)
Species Skeleton
Occupation The Lich Destroyer
Relatives Skeleton King (brother)
Crow and Snail (pets)
Introduced In The Lich Destroyer
Latest Appearance The End of Wizard

Lich Wizard is the evil skull wizard and brother of Skeleton King from Super Monkey Team Hyper Force Go. His goal to kill Finn and target the Candy Town. Wizard has two pets Crow and a Snail as locator.


He appeared in Samuel's Quest: Journey in Time episode The Lich Destroyer since his brother was finally killed by Overdrive Rangers. He sent down his pets crow and snail to locate Samuel who killing his brother. During the destruction of Candy Town, he used his evil magic to transform Princess Bubblegum into giant-size monsterous form. He commands to kill Samuel, Finn and Jade for killing his brother then destroys the Candyville. However, Samuel has no choice and kills Princess Bubblegum in Wizard's magic by his fiery bombs much as Finn's horror.

Until he last appeared in The End of Wizard, he sent his Crow and Snail to grab Princess Bubblegum's remained pieces then revived as Queen Lich. However, his pets was destroyed by Samuel in Heat/Water Mode then sacrifices into the pot. Devastating as result, he accidentally revive Princess Bubblegum as new form then tried to kill Samuel. He is finally killed by good by Super Shuriken/Gun Mode before his death in hands and say "You going to saw a destruction of Good and Evil... the Doom Immortal! You can't save your pesty dimension!! GRRAWWWWWWWWWW!!!".

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