"Name's Leonard McLean. I'm the Vampire King around these parts!" - Leonard's greeting to Finn TTTTTTT

Leonard McLean is the main protagonist of Adventure Time Knapford Edition.

Leonard McLean
Name Leonard McLean
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Vampire
Occupation Henchman


Relatives Mother (pictured)

Father (pictured) Finn (brother) Jake (brother) Zachary (son)

Introduced In Why That, Leonard?
Latest Appearance TBA
Voiced by Daniel Southworth

Roger Craig Smith (possesed by Magic Man)


Leonard was teleported in the Land of Ooo for some reason. When he arrived at the Tree Fort, he met Finn. (who was the former protagonist) He was chosen to be the new hero.

As of his memory, Leonard was revealed to be frozen for 100 years until the first sun of Ooo shined on the beach. As he heard of Death (who replaces Ice King) he wanted to destroy him.

In Deathtoll, He was told by Ghost that his parents got killed by a mysterious person (Hunson or Simon) during the Mushroom War.

He remembers that he was frozen by Ice King (As Simon Petrikov) during the Mushroom War. He has recieved modern information about the possessed Lich King who lived 10000,00000 of years ago and now, he's undead...for now.


Leonard appears to be a man wearing a red jacket that is on fire. Underneath the jacket he has blue shirt, wears blue jeans, and has white shoes on. He also has shoulder length brown hair. He wears the Moon Amulet, a amulet that can turn Leonard into a vampire when the moon shines.

During the episode "Henchmen," He has a blue bite mark (because he's the 4th character to be a vampire) white skin and dotted eyes.

On "City of Thieves" after Penny steals Leonard's clothes he was seen wearing boxer shorts.

He usually a melee combat master. He wields a katana and a broadsword.

Leonard has a son named Zachary, but it is unknown if he was married to anyone or maybe Leonard adopted him.

100px-Leonard McLean

Leonard's Physical Form


Leonard is a master at combat. Like Hunson Abadeer, he is good at karate. He can strike heaps of times and has combos of his own.


Leonard has possessions from his family or gifts given to him from his friends.

  • Music Box: On "Finn vs Me-Mow," he kept his mother's music box.
  • Axe Guitar: Was given to him on "It Came from the Nightosphere."
  • Finn's Family Sword: On "Dad's Dungeon," Leonard gets equipped with his father's sword.
  • Nightosphere Amulet: This amulet allows Leonard to turn into his demon form.
  • Nightosphere Gauntlet: It appears on "End of the Nightosphere" that Leonard used it to destroy Death.
  • Moon Amulet: The cheapskate amulet Leonard wears to turn him into a vampire.


Leonard has a lot of friends he makes on the way of adventure.


As brothers, Finn and Leonard are protangists and the best of friends. Finn founded Leonard frozen on the beach. Finn's parents adopted Leonard and made him become Finn's brother, as well as Jermaine and Jake.


They are both rivals and demon's. Death wasn't really killing Leonard and Finn because on "Hitman," he was trying to make them vomit out their lunch. On "End of the Nightosphere," Death's face breaks by Leonard by using the Nightosphere Gauntlet.


Simon helps Leonard escape the tiny prison that he was trapped in.

Personality and character traitsEdit

Leonard is some sought of knight and sheriff of the Candy Kingdom. He's some sought of ladie's man, like his brother Finn. Even though he has a major crush on Marceline through out the whole series and allied with Finn, he still fights in the name of justice.

He is sometimes a jerk to some people like on "Deathtoll," he hires an a assassin, Nicolyde Sykes, to kill Princess Bubblegum for revenge. By the time of "Henchmen," After Finn kills Marceline, Leonard canabilizes Finn. On the end of "Wizard Battle," after Marceline slap's Leonard on the cheek, Leonard freeze's her.

He might be the smartest out of all of Ooo and sought of "monster hunter," as shown on "Why That, Leonard?."


  • His actor also played Vergil from Devil May Cry 3.
  • His design may mark the appearance to the Red Jacket Man on Regular Show.
  • Like how Princess Bubblegum is possesed by the Lich, Leonard is somewhat possessed by Magic Man.

See alsoEdit

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