Lazy Bones
Name Lazy Bones
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Species Skeleton
Occupation Party Host


Relatives Marceline
Introduced In Trip to the Sun
Latest Appearance Jam Jam's Favor
Voiced by Jico

Lazy Bones is a character which appeared in Trip to the Sun where he drives the rocket. He appeared in Jam Jam's Favor as a party host.


He looks like a skeleton with green boots.


  • He has the ability to go to space without running out of air.
  • He can acess the Land pf the Dead, and the Nightosphere, where he was created by Marceline.


  • He isnt actually lazy
  • He appears to have many jobs in Ooo. Like driver, host, magician, or doctor.
  • Jico, Charles, Ronuel, and Lexther all confirmed that Marceline made Lazy Bones.o.

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